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How To Improve That Work/ Life Balance With Small Adjustments That Work

If you struggle to keep your work life and personal life balanced, these easy adjustments can help you reorganise, and get better balance overall.

These days, with remote working being so easy, it can be difficult to get a good balance between your work life and your personal life. How often have you sat on the sofa answering work emails on your phone, when you’re meant to be watching a movie with your partner? Or you’re trying to juggle a conference call in the kitchen whilst you keep your eye on the kids?

It can seem impossible to get work and personal life balanced can’t it?

If this rings true for you, it’s time to make a change. Your career will be so much better if you are well rested when you do your work. Your personal life will be better with you being totally focused on yourself and your loved ones when you aren’t working.

Here are some small adjustments you can make to get your work/ life balance in a much better place:

Leave Work At Work

An easy rule to help you leave work behind when your shift has finished, is to leave it at work. Have a rule that as soon as you get in your car or, work through your front door, work is over for the day and you’re in personal time.

Stay Off Work Social Media & Email In Personal Time

Turn off all alerts for work social media, and your work emails. It’s hard not to respond when you see something needs your attention. If it is not your responsibility to care for these tasks outside of work, make sure that you don’t get drawn into doing them in your personal time.

Make Personal Plans

If you always find yourself missing out on plans with friends and family because your calendar is full, why not make some plans in advance. That way, you’ll have planned work around these personal meetings, and you will know there is time to do both.

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Work In Coffee Shops Or In A Home Office

It can be tempting to work on the sofa or in the kitchen when you can access work technology from any device. This blurrs the connection between work and personal life in a space you should associate with relaxation. Instead, why not pop your spare room contents into cheap self storage and create a specific space in the home for work? Alternatively if you can’t do that, try to work in spaces with internet like coffee shops as often as you can. This reserves your personal space for personal time, and keeps work out of it.

Use Self Storage For Stock

If stock and paperwork are filling up your home, you might be struggling to enjoy that space with your family without thinking about work. Why not use cheap self storage for your business needs, placing your stock and paperwork in a secure unit. The stock is likely to be safer in cheap self storage than at home anyway because of the various security measures self storage facilities use to protect their customers things.

Motivate Yourself To Take Time Out

It can be easy to feel like we have to work 24/7 these days in a world that never sleeps. The problem is, burnout is a big problem for any career and you’re at real risk of it if you don’t allow time out. Try to remember why timeout is important for you and your career, and motivate yourself to have that kind of balance. Your personal life and your work life will be better off if you are more relaxed and happy overall.

Your work/life balance can be improved with our tips above, and some creativity and dedication on your part. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can make the biggest difference. It’s a constant work in progress but the result of a better work/ life balance is a better quality of life, and better career progress overall, so it’s worth the effort and attention.

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