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Document Storage Can Benefit Small Businesses

Find out how your small business benefits from the addition of document storage services.

Paper is something that most businesses are trying to get rid of in the office. It’s a total nightmare. It just drains resources, it takes up space, uses up money, and it’s not environmentally friendly.

As a small business, in the beginning, a few boxes of filing cabinets are fine for paperwork . But as you start to grow, you may have noticed that boxes are overflowing ,things are disorganised, and valuable space is getting used too quickly.

You can start to feel like a storage company yourself, which really isn’t ideal.

Even worse, when paperwork that is legally important is not secure, that can put your company at a real risk of all kinds of problems.

So what’s the answer?

Cheap Self Storage

Cheap self storage is a great way to reclaim your working space and give your business the room that it needs to grow. Here’s how:


Every business needs different security processes to ensure that they are safe. That emphasis can be on protecting online services used by staff and customers.

However, paper documentation is just as vulnerable, if not more, than information online, so it is important that the documents are treated as such.

The right self storage unit in London, or local to you, will be able to ensure that your paperwork is adequately protected. Using security like CCTV, 24 hour reception, fencing, and further protection will help ensure those sensitive documents stay safe.

Even better, many paperwork storage providers also offer paperwork destruction services that include certification for compliance.


Certain paperwork you have to keep for a number of years and you may just not have the funds or the time to have it digitally copied so that it’s not lost forever. With self storage you can keep the paperwork, without losing office space.

Even if that’s just your home office you’re able to reclaim, as a small business every square metre counts. For the flexible and competitive rates offered by many self storage units in London or local to you it really is worth considering.

Room To Grow

Paperwork is of course the priority if paperwork is what is taking up space. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other uses that your cheap self storage unit can provide.

For example; many small businesses struggle with growth because office and warehouse contracts are so expensive. Cheap self storage gives you the room to grow without the worry of having to pay a long contract that you might not be able to afford. This is especially useful for seasonal businesses.

Peace Of Mind

Having the peace of mind that documentation is safe is so important when you’ve got so many other things to worry about as a small business. You really can’t put a price on this kind of reassurance when you’re a business of this size.

A Help With Extras

Cheap self storage units often have additional paperwork services that they offer. Destruction is a service that we mentioned above, but many units also offer digitising services which can be really handy if you’re short on time. They can also often offer collection from your home or place of work to remove or relocate those documents for you. Every company is different, but it is worth asking what your local facility offers as extras because it could make life a lot easier.

The points above are just some of the ways that cheap self storage can be useful for small businesses when it comes to paper. Paper can be a real blight on a new business and the problem doesn’t go away as you grow. Knowing that you have a way to effectively store paperwork and manage it can be so handy. Why not give yourself one less thing to worry about as a small business?

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