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When You Need To Update Your Resume

When you start a new job

To craft a killer resume that is sure to make that vital impact, list your quantifiable achievements, not responsibilities. But, if you haven’t actually gotten to that point, don’t worry. Rather than trying to copy off other resumes, tell the story of how you got a certain position, which is in itself an achievement. If you were recruited, make a big deal about this.

Now that you have landed that job it is time to express this in your resume summary. Once you have made it out of the job market, the time is right to add another important achievement to your resume, while the success is fresh on your mind. This is the best time to make an update according to Robin Reshwan, founder of Collegial Services and professional resume writer.

When you get promoted

This is certainly cause for a celebration! In all your joy, don’t forget to take a moment to make an important note in your resume. This should indicate what your previous job was and why you were promoted. Take the time to include some important details that can make your resume more impactful. And don’t forget to brag, that’s what this is all about after all.

When you complete a big project

Have you made a major contribution to your workforce or received an appreciation for some major accomplishment. These kind of pointers look very good on your resume. As a matter of fact, any time you hit a milestone or complete a successful project this information should be listed on your resume. Here it will be essential to quote quantifiable results. For example, I designed a new system of accounting that saved my company over $60,000 in this quarter alone”. Whatever your role was, there are details to include so make the most of them.

When you get laid off

Getting fired is one thing, and it will be time to do a major overhaul on your resume. But, if you were laid off as part of a downsizing effort, this is something different. If your employment was terminated due to the company’s operating approaches, this is not a bad mark on your record and nothing to worry about on your own record.

It will be important to bounce back as fast as you can, however, and this will begin by properly updating your resume. Some people may try to hide the fact that they are unemployed, but this could be off-putting to come potential managers. Simply include the reasons you were terminated from your place of employment.

Furthermore, you will want to take a moment to think about any adjustments in your career direction and how these can be reflected in your resume. It’s not the best idea to place, “jobseeker “as your current position. So think of volunteering in some professional association and place the title you receive here as your current position.

When you acquire new skills

If you have just taken training or been qualified in some new proficiency or certification, you should take note of this in your resume. If you have acquired new skills such as learning a foreign language or taken on any other roles these should be added as well. Make sure you highlight those skills and certification that actually applies to your industry.

You can also go over your resume sporadically and remove any skills that you believe are no longer suited to the workplace. Take the time to look at job postings from your field and try and determine which skills are in demand in your sector.

Refine your resume

If you have not done this in a while, updating your resume can be a difficult process that takes time and attention. If you would like some help with crafting the kind of resume that is sure to make a good impression with your target audience, you should hire a professional CV writer. We’ll design a winning resume for you.

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