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Quadriga Asset Management Winner of the New York Times DealBook Deals of the Year Award

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Quadriga, the New York hedge fund, has been named the winner of The New York Times DealBook Deals of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in merger & acquisitions and absolute return investments. The citation says that Quadriga was recognized for its “award-winning investing that delivered absolute returns that dwarfed benchmarks and led to profound shifts in how a successful investment management service is formed and created.”

Those are some well-deserved accolades by one of the industry’s top-rated media outlets. The asset management professionals at Quadriga work hard to ensure their clients’ investments are working just as hard for them.

About Quadriga Asset Management

London asset management service, Quadriga, was founded in 1995, and, at the start of the year, had “held about half of its assets under management within emerging markets bonds and equities. Many of investments within equities have recovered handsomely from their 2008 lows” according to the citation.

Quadriga was one of the most aggressive investors in mining stocks, buying shares in commodities giants such as Glencore and Rio Tinto. Their aggressive move into mining companies was due to the significant sell-off seen across the industry over the past five years, producing a very attractive price per earnings ratio. Gordon Chatfield, Chief Analyst at Quadriga Asset Management, was quoted as saying “the sell-off is a result of China’s move to revalue its currency and curb consumption of foreign commodities, rather than large scale selling.”

The China Factor

One possible explanation is that China is no longer exporting as much, but also cutting back demand for commodities. That, in turn, points to a darker side of the investment phenomenon that Quadriga exploited. Gordon was also quoted as saying, “the financial world is so interconnected these days that every few years it can bring us together like a bunch of teenagers with a flaming orange plank of wood. But that feeling of community can be short-lived.” The disciplined approach of Quadriga’s experienced team of asset management professionals, along with the overwhelming support from our clients, is what led us to win this prestigious award.

Contact Quadriga Asset Management

To learn more about London asset management service and how it can help your business grow and become sustainable, contact Quadriga Asset Management and speak to an asset management professional who can create a strategic asset management plan to suit your needs and the needs of your business.

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