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Overcoming Business Complacency

Even the most successful businesses can fall into the complacency trap. Everything may appear to be working well and running smoothly on the surface but in order for companies to stay successful it is imperative to regularly review systems and procedures and stay on top of their change management game.

Continual improvement

One thing that makes it trickier for successful businesses to realise there is always room for improvement is the fact that any on-going challenges are difficult to pin-point. After all – they have the edge over their competitor which means they must have been doing lots of things right in order to reach this point! Change management consultants know there are always ways to fine-tune a company’s operation in order to cement and build on top of this success. Companies are subject to all kinds of internal and external influences that can see them quickly lose ground and so it makes good business sense for them to keep a continual eye on the ball.

Upward trajectory

The ironic factor in most successful companies is that the drive they employed to reach success can then plateau and then lead to a downwards trajectory so in order to prevent this happening it is important to consider where inertia is taking a hold. Inertia, however, once uncovered can be very difficult to change. This is because people are creatures of habit and if something has worked before they will naturally assume it will continue to work going forwards. In order to prevent stagnation all businesses need to follow a model for change and this is best achieved by honouring past successes whilst setting new goals to ensure the company stays on track.

Honour past success

By applauding employees for their past efforts, you make them feel good about themselves and this helps negate any resistance for future change. Facilitation skills promote honest, open communication that explains the need for continual improvements whilst praising people for what they have already managed to achieve, and this helps to create the drive and momentum to move forward together as a team.

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Focus on something new

By setting new targets you give staff something concrete to aim for. If they know why this new target matters and what it hopes to achieve – then a link is created between the memories of past success and the possibility of new and even bigger successes. In this way there is still an honouring of the old but a simultaneous appreciation of the bringing in the new.

Set measurable targets

Star charts are not just for children! Everyone works smarter and harder when they can clearly see the incremental steps they are taking to help them reach their goals.

Align with core values

Employees work best when they feel valued and secure within their role. Promoting innovation, growth and the need for continual improvement to unite both staff and company as one will help to overcome the inertia barrier so the business can succeed again and again.

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