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Tips For The Management Of You Handgun’s Magazine Management

Having a gun is very tough decision that people in needing make; it’s not only because of the danger associated with the gun but is also because of the care and maintenance that it requires.

Guns are usually carried by officials or people who believe in self-defense or the security purpose people. Well the officials and the security purpose people are trained for handling guns and know how they should be treated but unfortunately the normal public is not that much aware of them, they surely know how to use a particular gun but since they don’t work with them they might over look some errors or problems with their guns.

Basic magazine cleaning tips:

The most important and crucial part of a gun is its magazine, which some people might not even consider when looking at a gun but it is a very important part which needs to be looked after. Magazine of a gun is not a very attractive part, but it does the real job and therefore must be treated well.

A magazine has the ability to accommodate dust and dirt very easily and therefore it need timely cleaning or you would face problems like worn out magazine springs or jamming of the magazine. To avoid such problems you can follow a simple cleaning process which is as following:

  1. Simple brushing and patching will do it:

Since the basic problem is of dirt, you can simply brush a magazine once in a while to remove all the dirt particles. You can wipe out the body of the magazine too, but if the inside of the magazine needs cleaning then you might need to use the right tools and equipment to properly clean them.

  1. Use the right tools:

People might use a normal tooth brush or cleaning a magazine, which is not the correct way. A magazine is the most delicate part and it needs to handle with care and therefore you must use specific cleaning tools that are available in the market for the cleaning of the magazines.

  1. You might need to disassemble the magazine:

For properly cleaning the magazine you might need to disassemble the magazine, only if it has a removable floorplate. You must remove the follower, the spring etc. out of the tube to wipe out the inside of the magazine, make sure you properly dry the inside of the magazine walls because if you keep them moist, they will easilyabsorb dirt and you don’t want that so clean and dry the magazine before reassembling it. You must use some sort of eye protection when assembling or disassembling the magazine as all the tools are under the pressure of spring they might just jump into your eye during the process.

Author’s bio:

Mike is a firearm instructor; he says that proper maintenance and care of a gun can make it last for a longer time. He thinks one should get power springs only form a reliable company.

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