The Outlook Search Alternative

The Outlook Search Alternative

I don’t know about you, but there are days when my Outlook Inbox is quite overwhelming. There are emails coming in and the things I need are just falling further away from my reach. Outlook search is no help in these situations. Half the time I am rebuilding Indexes and just finding things myself. I finally became so fed up that I decided to look for an Alternative to Outlook Search, so I could stop wanting to throw my computer when looking for an email I need.

I finally found Lookeen Desktop Search, and while yes it is a great Desktop search tool, it is a wonderful Outlook search alternative.The great thing about Lookeen is that it installs an Add-in directly onto the Outlook interface, for quick and easy access to the Lookeen Search tool. The thing that made this the stand out Outlook search tool was the fact that you can add Archived Outlook files to the index. That’s right, you can search for and find emails from years ago through your archived files.

The settings for Lookeen Desktop Search are what make it, because there are so many settings you can play around with. For Outlook you can skip the junk folders and even skip encrypted items when you are indexing Outlook. On the other side, you can make sure that attachments within your emails are always indexed. Basically it will look through all the right places and bring up everything you’re looking for.  If you think that Lookeen is bringing up too many search results, you can use one of the 25+ filters to narrow down those search results even further.

If you look up Lookeen Desktop Search, you will discover that they have a free version, but sadly if you need this more as an Outlook Search alternative then you will have to shell out a bit of money. After using Lookeen Desktop Search for a couple of weeks, I found that it is well worth the money and should be considered by anyone, or any business that wants a better Outlook Search tool.

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