Role of Women in Advertising

Role of Women in Advertising

Advertising has a long history which begins with 20th century. Businesses delivering there customers with innovative products heavily relied on advertising procedures. Over the course of hundred years there were ups and downs in the realm of advertising. Businesses benefited in much better ways by making use of all advertising means. Businesses flourished so did the world of advertising agencies.

Advertising now is a very competitive industry it worth billions of dollars and top advertising agencies like BBDO , Ogilvy and Mather , Fitch , Fortune promo 7 are namely top brands preferred by world’s top organizations and company brands to market their products and services. Advertising has directly made an impact the way consumer sees a product and perceives all the benefits that he can gain from it.

Advertising carries many ways of problem solving for businesses and their clients they know how to portray the product effectively so any target audience is made to believe of what he/she wants.

Here we will talk about Woman and her role in advertising and how she made an impact.

In a typical way of showing women in advertising was more like in a domesticated style such as cook, maids, and babysitter. Julie Roehm has amazing strategies and plans to market your business and she is doing amazing work.

Advertisement objectified women as a way to sell their product rather than just focusing on products in a literal way. Woman was indeed a main object in order to portray the product in a persuasive manner.


This created a gap between showing only a product just to inform and women herself behind product publicity.

Throughout the 20th century there was a change in trends as the decades passed. In the beginning sale of products was on literal terms, than there was a way of discussing social and literal problems to consumer association and present as a subliminal and unconscious desire. Talking about personal and social problems woman were main focus during advertising.

In 1950’s women began to be more involved in domestic roles such as rough house work and washing dishes and intriguing question was are women meant for dishes ? And the answer was “Get out of the kitchen sooner”

During 1980’s till now woman are often seen in proactive images in order to sell the product. And in much expensive such as alcohol, perfumes, and sportswear ads woman are seen in proactive images just to please and attract male audiences. There are plenty of ways for your product to be persuaded by using female models.

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