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Laundry Machines – Is It Better to Replace or Repair?

The choice of whether to repair or replace your laundry machine is a tough one but necessary. Replacing can be an expensive choice since such an appliance costs much but it may serve you in the long run. With repairs, the price of commercial laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts may not be that high plus it’ll keep your business running effectively. Below are some of the factors to consider as you decide which choice is better for you.

The Age of Your Washing Machine

An average laundry machine is expected to last for about 10 years. However, if the machine is still in its prime years, then repairing is the best choice. This also helps the machine remain efficient. Even then, you should maintain and repair your laundry machine to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. When you choose to repair the damaged part and replace them with dexter laundry parts, the machine will continue to work perfectly. Plus this will ensure your business operations run smoothly for increased profitability.

Budget and Repair Cost

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Your choice of replacing or repairing can also be ruled by your wallet. The cost of a new machine is quite high as it ranges between $300 and $1,500.  If your budget does not fit into purchasing a new model, then repairing the old one is the best choice since repairs aren’t as expensive. Similarly, you may want to consider the cost of repair. Since laundry machines are used regularly, they’re likely to break down from time to time and technicians can assist you in restoring its functioning and at a fee. However, the price of the repair will depend on the problem and the parts that need to be repaired. Luckily, emergency repairs will help you get the machines repaired and ready for use in the laundry store. This means you’ll need replacement parts for your specific equipment brand. This will then ensure that your machines will be operating soon enough to serve more customers.


Lastly, as you make your choice, consider the performance of your machine. A model with poor performance may use more water and power. This in turn adds up your utility bills.  However, with the right laundry parts, and having the repairs done by a professional will ensure your machines are water and energy-efficient. That also means there are no extra bills to cover. The efficiency of your washers and dryers will be affected by how often it is maintained. While new laundry machines may be a good solution, thanks to modern technology, they do have a higher learning curve. This makes them harder to use and will require training for your employees and customers to be able to use them. Note that an efficient machine should be user-friendly for both staff and customers. And this can affect your business productivity.

Choose to do repairs if your laundry machine simply needs some fixing or replacement of parts.  However, if you decide to purchase a new laundry machine, do consider the costs involved to ensure it’s within your budget.

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