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Why You Should Use UV Light Sanitizers for Chemical Free Cleaning

As a germ-killing technology, UV light ensures that microbes don’t build resistance to it since it targets viruses and bacteria at the DNA as well as RNA levels. As such, a hospital grade UV light is a UV sanitizer that’s designed to specifically act as an additional layer of protection for all spaces you’ll find these harmful germs. This ensures you provide a safe, sanitized, and convenient environment for visitors and patients. Even then, the biggest challenge for most service industries is staying ahead of bacteria and germs left behind by visitors. Fortunately, the germ-killing UV lights come with many benefits that can be useful if incorporated into your company’s infection control strategy.


Did you know that UV disinfection makes an affordable method of sanitization? Sometimes people assume that this approach is costly since it uses technology rather than chemicals. However, that’s further from the truth. With a one-time investment in UV light disinfection of hospitals, you can make a long-term saving in both time and money. That’s thanks to the unique properties of R-Zero units thus you won’t incur maintenance costs for the lifespan of your unit.  Also, with this unit, you won’t have to undertake the associated labor costs as is the case with other methods.

Requires Little to No Training

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You may have by now established your company’s disinfection protocols and policies for disinfecting your facility. But how can you ensure that your employees know what to do? How do you make sure that your teams will follow the set protocols and policies regularly? What’s more, even with the best efforts by anyone responsible for manually cleaning your business premise, it’s easy to miss some areas. Also, it’s not easy to know the right product or chemical that’s compatible with all areas of your facility. However, with the UV-C units, you can have them installed in your facility and they don’t require any staff training for its operation. All that your employees need to do is simply wear an additional layer of protection whenever they activate the unit. This can either be through pre-programmed or autonomous control cleaning cycles.

Can Kill Viruses and Bacteria

While recommendation can limit the level of attention paid to some areas of your facility, it can be difficult to tell when multidrug resistant organisms will be in your environment. And because it’s hard to visually determine whether a room contains harmful pathogens, you must take the appropriate measures to sanitize all areas as best as you possibly can.  The many benefits offered by a UVC system are that they’ll kill different types of harmful germs – viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold. Interestingly, the light generated is uniform, therefore, you won’t have missed spots when sanitizing your business facility.

When you consider all the safety and sanitization needs that the pandemic has brought about, it is tempting to get any product you come across. Even then, it’s crucial that you do your research and make an informed decision on the product to buy and how you can use it.

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