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How To Effectively Gather Target Audience Data

Understanding your target audience plays a key role in promoting your business’s service or product. It can help keep your customers happy and your information up to date. There are several ways to go about obtaining audience psychographics and demographics in order to better determine how to market your business.

Conducting Surveys

One method used to gather customer demographic and psychographic information is conducting surveys. Surveys are an effective way to quickly see who is interested in your service or product and where you should put more of your focus. It also allows you to take a look at where your business might be able to expand to unexplored areas. Surveys can be done over the phone, email, or even the mail, though some types are more effective than others.

Social Media

Using social media to obtain information about your target audience is perhaps the most accessible way to do so. Most people access social media with their phones, which they tend to keep on themselves for a good portion of the day, making it an excellent resource for acquiring data at any point. It also tends to be particularly useful for psychographic data, as people enjoy expressing themselves on social media platforms more than they might on a typical survey or in an interview with a live audience.

Focus Groups

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Utilizing focus groups can yield quick results with valuable feedback. They involve forming a small group of individuals–either online or in-person–to take part in a type of interview to provide market data. Each group tends to have a diverse set of individuals to get the best range of information. These are useful because they give people the opportunity to “piggyback” off of other respondents and provide their own thoughts and opinions.

In-Person Interviews

Similar to the strategy of implementing focus groups, in-person interviews differ by narrowing the perspective down to a single individual and the interviewer. This allows for a more intimate and personalized approach to obtaining customer opinions and feedback. It also opens the interviewer to explain certain questions and the individual to ask additional questions. Another aspect of the in-person interview is that more detailed answers can be given. The only major disadvantage of this approach is that you trade the quantity of information obtained for quality. This is a double-edged sword, as the quality of the interview is typically high, but you cannot reach as many customers as other methods, so it’s good to couple this with other methods.

Closing Thoughts

Exploring different ways to reach your consumer base will help give you a better understanding of who exactly your business should be marketing to. You may find that one method works better for your business better than others, depending on what your product or service offers. Being able to find your target audience and tailor your marketing towards their needs can benefit both the business and the consumers.

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