What are Marketing and Branding? How Do They Differ?

Marketing and branding are two main terms used in businesses but these are two different terms. Non-industry professionals often confuse between both of these. There is a distinct difference between these two therefore here we describe these two to clear misconceptions.

Let’s consider an example, if you are looking for your brand awareness and try to gain social popularity, brand mentions to make your brand visible online then it’s not branding. Yes, these are marketing strategies and both branding and marketing have different uses.

What is Branding?

Branding is all about perception and a connection between a customer and a business. Branding tells its customers what they can expect from them for their products and services. Branding is what separates your services and products from your competitors and shows you as a unique selling point.

For example, when it comes to Samsung and Apple, do you have some perceptions of it? The idea that a brand is simply a physical entity of a logo, design, name and color is what we know.

How to Define your Brand

  • It’s crucial to define what your business stands for. You have to:
  • Firstly, identify your target audience and what they need;
  • Say how you are better than other competitors;
  • Now, come up with a short description that describes the main purpose of your brand.

Here’s Why Branding is So Important?

Branding is a crucial element to any business. Brand identity is what makes you stand out from the crowd and make your identity. In addition, brands increase the value of your company. The best branding is of strong ideas; there is no distinction without branding. Branding defines who you are and what are the services you offer and best in. consider the following to be on the right path.

  • What brand personality do I want?
  • How do I want customers to perceive me?
  • What are your brand values?
  • What problems does your brand solve?
  • What are the emotional benefits?

These questions are basic to build the brand strategy of your brand. It can be perceived as a fundamental part while developing a strong brand.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is all about how you promote your product and services to target audiences. It is an integral part of your brand. While considering marketing vs. branding, marketing is used as a digital marketing tool to deliver the message of your brand.  Marketing tools include social media, SEO, website, and paid search channels.

 Chartered Institute of Marketing Defined Marketing as:

  • Firstly, identify the thing people want and are ready to pay for. It can be a problem that they would like to solve.
  • Now develop a product or service that meets your target audience needs and then promoting it so that people get aware of its existence;
  • Then it’s time to work on all details and make sure you are better than your competitors in terms of product and services as well as marketing.

So, where marketing is how you push the messaging out. Branding is why you should buy business products and services. Brand determines the strength and position of the entire marketing strategy you used.


You may understand know-how branding differs from marketing – branding is the core of your marketing strategy. Branding isn’t a one-time project you do when you first start the business, but it needs continuous efforts that communicate your values and effort with the development as a business. Your marketing should combine branding to create customer loyalty; therefore it should be done with full planning.

Moreover, branding is a long term investment that benefits you long in terms of customer purchases. If you want your brand’s branding professionally then you should consult with a marketing or branding agency for better results.

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