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Has The Pandemic Changed Our Views On Health, Food, And Drink Choices?

There are numerous things that the pandemic has changed in a year and a half. From the way we work, how we interact with family and friends, and generally how we go about day-to-day life.

Understandably, so many people are now taking extra precautions when it comes to their health, whether that’s taking various vitamins each day to protect the body against infections or boosting the immune system, or even making healthier decisions when it comes to food and drink.

With this in mind, 1HQ created a survey to find out what consumers wanted from food and drink brands in light of all these recent changes. Let’s take a look at what the survey found.

People Want Healthier Food And Drink Options

Out of 1,000 respondents, 58% said they would be shopping for healthier goods. This is good news for health food and drinks brands as it means the pool of customers has opened further.

More people are prioritising their health than ever before and with that comes the food and drink changes. It’s important for brands to try their best to protect their customers’ health during this time and moving forward, either by looking for ways to reduce the sugar and calories that their products contain or offering plant-based alternatives.

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Re-Think Your Product Packaging

The survey also found that 65% of respondents said the health benefits of a product being highlighted on the packaging were very important. Many brands have been trying to do this and make the health benefits very clear on their products but it’s something all brands should consider going forward.

Not only does it show your customers that you care about their health, but it could also help you attract a new surge of customers who may have overlooked your brand in favour of another. The survey also found that 57% said they would be more likely to buy a product that highlights the health advantages.

Prevention Vs Cure?

People’s attitudes towards their health have certainly shifted during this time, but are people more in favour of preventative care over a reactive approach? The survey found that certain countries such as Canada, Singapore, and Brazil were more likely to take preventative measures, while people in England, the USA, Italy, India, and Australia were in favour of the reactive approach.

It’s important for brands to recognise what their target audience would prefer, and to adapt the right approach for each market to ensure they meet their consumers’ needs. Quite often and in this case particularly, cultural considerations are a must for brands.

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