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Warning from An Bui: 5 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Marketing Agency

Many business owners are trying to leverage digital platforms to keep their businesses relevant in these uncertain times, which typically involves shifting marketing efforts online. It should come as no surprise that the quality of digital marketing efforts has a significant influence on the ultimate outcomes. You must first avoid marketing blunders to figure out where to invest your marketing budget because these mistakes will destroy your marketing agency.

Marketing is an important aspect of advertising and expanding your small business. Yet, small business owners experiment with new digital marketing strategies without assessing the results or understanding how they relate to their objectives. It can lead to a small firm slashing its marketing budget or skipping it entirely.

Here are five common marketing mistakes made by small businesses, along with An Bui tips on how to avoid them:

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Marketing as a cost rather than a return on investment

Expenses are items that you purchase and then degrade over time. An investment is something that you buy with the expectation of future worth. Marketing’s only goal is to convert more leads into consumers and keep them as adoring fans. So, if you operate your small business as an expense, ready to discontinue marketing campaigns and programs when circumstances become rough, you need to reconsider your marketing strategy.

2. Not creating a defined marketing strategy and budget

It’s an old proverb that still applies today: If you don’t plan, you’ll plan to fail. Small firms who don’t have a clear marketing plan are more likely to fail, and they usually don’t have the necessary marketing budget. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 marketing trends report, B2B marketers said having a documented content marketing strategy increased their effectiveness significantly, and 40% of marketers deemed least effective (based on how effective they rated their content marketing) had no written marketing strategy.

3. Wrong Target Audience

You’re wasting marketing resources if you’re targeting the incorrect audience, no matter how good your messaging, brand, or ad campaigns are. When you target the masses and go with your “gut” or a preconceived assumption about who your prospect or customer is rather than looking at statistics about who is making purchases, your marketing costs will rise and your sales conversions will plunge.

If you target your ideal buyer, you’ll be able to get the most out of your marketing budget and attract and keep more customers for a better user experience.

4. No Strong Online Presence

Nearly half of all small businesses in the United States, believe it or not, do not have a website. That can be disastrous from a marketing perspective. Some small business owners believe that having a website is unnecessary because they are local or have only one location. However, the rules of the game have been altered. Website visitors seek online for products or services above 90% of the time, and they will almost always find you online before visiting your store. With so many simple, DIY alternatives accessible in today’s digital world, there’s no reason to not have a responsive website.

Social Media Marketing like Facebook Ads, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Google Ads aren’t only for having a good time. When used effectively, they may provide you with access to your target audience and help you achieve quick results.

5. You have no idea how your competitors sell themselves

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing in terms of online marketing and analyze their efforts to discover which projects work and which fail. Are there any strategies that they tried but never used again? Which do they use every month? To better understand the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay-per-click (PPC) strategy for your company, Google Analytics is another simple service that keeps you up to date with real-time updates on your nearest competition.

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A solid marketing strategy should focus on the value proposition, which tells customers what the company stands for, how it runs, and why they should do business with it. It gives marketing teams a template to follow for all of the company’s products and services.

Marketing firms are frequently on the bleeding edge to increase brand value and recognition, but few of them use the same techniques to improve their brand value and recognition. Before you tackle more high-level marketing methods, start with the low-hanging fruit. You may provide your agency a huge advantage in a crowded industry with the help of Online Career Accelerator.

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