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Finding a Suitable Domain Name at a Cheap Price? Here’s How

A domain name is essential for a website, whether it is a personal, professional or business site. It helps you to establish yourself or your service or your brand or product. The Internet users see your website and identifies it through a domain name. It creates an impression, which can affect your business and brand. With a great domain name, you can attract your customers, who will visit your website and buy your product or service later on. Nonetheless, getting a suitable domain is expensive. If you are based in the UK, you have to consider various aspects to acquire cheap UK domain names.

With innumerable domain name service providers in the UK, it is not easy to find the best domain registrar, which can not only help you find an appropriate domain but also offer it at the most affordable price. For a startup or small business in the UK, here are some aspects you need to consider when looking for a cheap domain name.

Do Some Research to Know the Keywords or Search Terms Related to Your Business

If you want to have your business website listed on the top pages of the search engines, find a domain name that have the most popular search terms and keywords. People usually type these words on the Internet to find a website dealing with the product or service they are searching for. Use appropriate keyword combinations to highlight your brand in the domain name.

You can find several such companies in the UK, which are popular and figure on the leading search engine pages. For instance, ‘Travelocity’, which is created by combining ‘travel’ and ‘velocity’. The other one is ‘Pinterest’, which is made using the words ‘Pin’ and ‘interest’.

Domain Name Pricing

You don’t have any difficulty in finding a domain registrar in the UK. There are several of them online; however, choosing the best one offering a cheap domain is not easy. For that you need to do some research and a comparative study. The generic top-level domains such as .com, .store, .net, .online, .tech, .shop, .co, .me, .site and .biz are available for affordable prices if you can find a reliable domain name service provider in the UK. They offer you discounts for one, two and five-year base time, which will work out cheaper.

Along with the domain name service, they also offer other services such as web designing, web hosting, email hosting, etc., as a package, which will work out cheaper in the long run. Some providers offer a domain name registration free for one year if you sign up for the web hosting service. Other than this, you also get complete customer support.

Consider Using Local Tlds

If possible, you can try to have country-code top-level domains such as ‘.uk’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’. They may come for a cheap price and also attract local customers.

Look for A New Domain Extension

If nothing is working out for you, there are still possibilities to find your choice of website address. New domain extensions are released every year; you can find a suitable one for a low price.

To conclude, it is essential to consider the above factors for cheap UK domain names, which come for great customer service.

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