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Get Instant Cash on Your House Sale in Difficult Situations

Desperate problems need desperate solutions. You are in a tough situation and need extra cash. Moreover, you can afford any extra delays. You want things to run smoothly and get out of the situation quickly. We got you covered.

We are ready to buy your property in Downriver, MI. So, get ready to get your instant cash! Eugene Sasha Alekseychenko, himself personally ensures every customer receives one-on-one attention and personalized service. Fill a form on our website and we will set up a date to inspect your house.

Who Do We Buy Houses From?

If you are recently divorced and need to sell your home, we are at your service. Minimize the time to sell with us and get money quickly.  Or you want to prevent foreclosure and save yourself from losing your house. We can buy your house for cash before you lose it.

Relocation is a tiresome thing, especially when you have to get things packed up, and then adjusting to life in a new place, it requires time. With our help, in moving out, you just have to deal with your own things. You won’t have to face the hassle of selling your home in traditional ways.


Facing tax liens and other financial problems on your head due to taxes owed. Let us lend out a hand to you. Contact us, we’ll find out a way for you. Moreover, if you are facing any sort of financial issue in which you want to sell your home and require money rapidly. Make sure to contact us for a cash offer on your house.

House Sale in Critical Moments in Life

Ailments and disease treatment are part and parcel of life. In today’s world, medical billing, at times exceeds one’s limit. You need extra cash to pay for your dues. Contact us to sell your house at the quickest.

Going through the death experience of a near and dear one is, indeed, one of the most difficult times in life. Has a loved one left you a house that you need to sell? No need to go through all the headache of traditional selling, when we can buy your home in just a week.

Are you planning to put your house on sale but your house needs repairs? Instead of spending thousands of dollars on that and going down the road of traditional selling. Choose us. We buy houses even if they need repairs. You don’t need to make any repairs when selling your home to us.


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