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Controlling Scorpions In Mesa Arizona

Just like ticks, mites, and spiders, scorpions also belong to the family of arachnids, they are found worldwide but are common in the southern and southwestern states. However, approximately 40 to 60 species of spiders have their habitats in Arizona because of their adaptation to hot environments. The desert nature of Arizona suits them well. A good number of scorpions are not poisonous except the Bark Scorpion which resides mostly in Arizona. You can find them under rocks, other shelters, or barks of trees when it’s too sunny during the day and you can see them during the evenings when the sun is down because this is the time they come out of hiding. This is the more reason you should learn ways of controlling scorpions in Mesa Arizona to avoid getting stung or experiencing allergic reactions.

Controlling Scorpions

Inspection and Assessing Nature of Damage

In Mesa Arizona, scorpion infestation is common to garbage, bricks, stored boxes, wall openings, decaying debris, soiled clothes and shoes among others. If you happen to see scorpions in or within your household, seek professional help from mesa scorpion control. When you give them a call, they will come to asses the condition and inspect the area or your household. The professionals use UV light and experience they have on scorpion hiding places to find the pests and as a result, determine the severity of the infestation. Assessing the nature and scope of the problem, the pest controller will meet you to review treatment options and the price you will offer for the entire service.


Once you have agreed on a treatment plan, the pest control technician will use the best insecticide which does not lose its effectiveness with the strain of sun or rain. Since scorpions feed on other insects like spiders, other scorpions, vertebrae’s like small lizards and snakes, the pesticide is applied with the intention of killing their food. Once their food supply runs out, they will naturally live the infested areas. Aside from Using pesticides, the technician also advice on blocking scorpion entry points and planting glue traps. All these techniques combined and taught by Mesa Scorpion Control will rid your house off any scorpion.

Sealing entry points

The most common scorpion in Mesa Arizona is the bark scorpions, most traditional pesticides do not harm them hence making them difficult to eradicate from your home. However, if you block the common entry points for these scorpions, it can prevent them from accessing your house. Mesa Scorpion Control in Arizona will help seal your home tight and lock the bark spiders and even the pests they feed on out of your house. Sealing your home is the best way to keep scorpions out.

Most pest control companies say they can only reduce the scorpions in your home by taking away their food source, but Mesa Scorpion control services go beyond by getting rid of all the scorpions in your household forever. When you call us for help, we will;

  • Work to eliminate the scorpions’ source of food
  • Identify and seal scorpion’s entry points to keep them permanently out
  • Prevent and treat scorpion infestation using customized approaches

You are also advised to take the following precautions if you live in Mesa Arizona

  • Find and block all cracks and crevices present in your house for they are the entry point for scorpions
  • If you decide to treat the infested area without professional assistance, ensure to use insecticide dust or aerosol spray which makes it easy to reach those tiny areas where scorpions are hiding.
  • Use a black light to help you see where scorpions are hiding
  • Put glue traps in and around your home to keep pests and scorpions out.

Mesa Scorpion Control will show you how to free your home from scorpions with environmentally safe treatment methods.

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