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What is a Recruitment Agency and What Do the Services Involve?

Many companies today hire the services of recruitment agencies for several reasons. Aside from convenience, a recruitment agency can help a company fill job posts faster than relying on in-house human resources. Apart from these, other reasons to partner with a recruitment agency include:

  • Hiring managers can get support if the company does not have a sufficient recruitment team.
  • Get connected to and hire talent with specialised skills required for the position.
  • Have access to an extensive network of candidates that the company would otherwise not be able to tap into.
  • Help the company’s in-house recruitment team when there is mass hiring.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality with services rendered.
  • Completely get rid of in-house recruitment and outsource hiring entirely.

Aside from being able to help the company hire candidates with the right skill-set, recruitment agencies can also learn about the company’s values and culture so that candidates are a perfect fit for the organisation. There are recruitment agencies that also work specifically in a particular field of business such as a graphic design recruitment agency which specialises in finding talent for graphic-design related jobs.

How does working with a recruitment agency work?

The primary role of a recruitment agency is to spread the word about a job opening, collate applications, and short-list candidates to find the perfect match. Recruitment agencies are responsible for conducting the preliminary screening process. Typically, the company will need to do interviews with short-listed candidates to select whom to give the job offer to.

A recruitment agency is not the same as an employment agency. A recruitment agency works in partnership with companies looking for talent while on the other hand, an employment agency works with job applicants. Recruitment agencies can offer different services according to the needs of the company. For example:

  • A recruitment agency can provide a contingency recruitment service where they only receive payment for their services once an applicant gets a job offer.
  • A recruitment agency can offer a retained service where their assist in filling positions in exchange for an upfront fee.
  • Recruitment agencies can charge a company hourly or adjust it depending on the company’s demand.
  • Recruitment agencies can be outsourced to replace in-house human resources.

Whether your company requires the services of a recruitment agency or not depends on how much of the work you are willing to entrust a third-party. Many large companies see the value of a recruitment agency because it is generally hard to fill job positions by relying merely on in-house recruitment. Nevertheless, the scale on which you can hire an agency can increase or decrease because most of them offer customisable services.

In selecting a recruitment agency to partner with, you can always check if the agency holds all the necessary regulatory requirements to operate. You may also read feedback and reviews from previous clients.

Overall, partnering with a recruitment agency eliminates many of the hassles involved with headhunting. Besides, it also saves the company money because maintaining an in-house recruitment team can be costly, especially when there is no need to hire new people

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