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2019 Trends in Promotional Item Design

Giving away promotional products is always an effective marketing strategy used by many companies. Whether these products are given away at trade fairs or to employees, anyone who receives them still appreciates items that serve a purpose. Promotional product trends change from year to year, and while some items were popular years ago, they may no longer be relevant today. Here are the top promotional product trends to watch out for this year.

Products inspired by retail

Promotional products today are starting to imitate what’s available on the retail market. What this means is that you can request brand-name items to customise products for your company. There are also many non-branded products that are imitating the look of what’s bought in stores. For example, if you are giving away clothing as a promotional item, a specialist garment printing company may advise following the trend in designs that are well-designed and subtle. The direction is to make promotional items more wearable instead of heavily focusing on designs that flaunt the company. Small patches, customised tags, and muted colours are preferred over big logos.

Giving away kits and sets for added value

Another trend that will be big this year is putting together several items that complement each other as part of a set. You can put together several pieces that serve the same purpose and package them attractively. Some companies specialise in producing promotional gift bags, or you can build them yourself. One benefit of a DIY gift set is the ability to control every aspect of the process such as choosing the products and coming up with a packaging style.

Desktop items remain relevant

While many assume that the digital age has pushed back the importance of office accessories and supplies, this cannot be further from the truth this year. There is a massive comeback in giving away desktop items either as a promotional giveaway or welcome gift for new employees. By giving away company promotional items to employees, they can be brand ambassadors without even putting much effort into it. Some favourite office items to give away include mouse pads, notepads, Bluetooth speakers, and coasters.

Explore a plethora of new materials and creative finishes

Do you remember the time when promotional items came in almost the same styles, finishes, and materials? This is no longer the case today because companies have a myriad of options to choose from. Promotional items are becoming more creative and exciting. For example, you’ll probably see many promotional items in bright colours or this year’s colour – coral. Another trend is using eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and burlap. There also appears to be a surge in reusable straws and utensils. It is likely that you will see them given out as promotional items this year too.Also look out of sports balls, Custom Footballs and Basketballs make trendy promotional items too, for 2019.

When it comes to product finishes, matte seems to be a trend that is not likely to go away this year. Matte finished items look sophisticated and sleek. Gone are the days when promotional items all looked shiny and tacky. This year is indeed an excellent year to experiment and get creative in designing promotional swag for your company.

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