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Class 11 Applied Mathematics Online Tuition Classes.

Class 11th and 12th are the base classes for many competitive exams that are conducted after the 12th. You must have noticed that most of the government and other competitive exam levels are 11th and 12th, and if you have a good command of the subjects taught in these classes, you are 50% ready for any competitive exam.

The Class 11th applied mathematics is not easy to solve cause the level of questions is moderate to tough, but if you take proper guidance from a legit source, you will surely be able to command this subject.

Here are some of the best class 11 applied mathematics online tuition classes that you can join and get started. You don’t have to join all of them. Have a check, compare, and then go for the most suitable one-


The Toprankers, which is one of the prominent study portals and well known for its mock test papers, takes the online coaching classes for the applied mathematics of class 11th. They have multiple subscription plans in which you will be getting online live classes in Hindi as well as English medium.

You can learn applied mathematics online the best way from any of their courses. Make sure you watch their demo classes get to know about the educators and their teaching styles. You can also buy 1 month’s subscription to check your progress, and later on, you can go for the yearly one.


The Byjus, which is also one of India’s best online study platform, offers online classes for applied mathematics. The Byjus’ teaching style is a little bit different from the other study platform. They commit to giving the best classes so that you can master the subject.

You can visit the Byjus app or the official site, explore their courses, and then start learning by enrolling.


For the best class 11 applied mathematics online tuition classes, you can go for the Unacademy, which you have must hear about if you have ever gone to prepare for any competitive exam. They also have multiple youtube channels where they run different courses.

On Unacademy’s official site or app, you will be able to access their free classes that you can watch as a demo and then buy their subscription for the premium classes. You will learn applied mathematics online from many experienced educators, and you will also be provided with some study materials.


The Vedantu is also an online learning platform like Unacademy, Toprankers, and Byjus, and you can also go for them to learn applied mathematics online. They give the NCERT solution for the mathematics of class 11th, which is very important to have caused the students who do the self-study, need the solutions, and Vedantu provides the students with that.

You will get the live interactive sessions by experts, and you will also get the free masterclasses. You can visit Vedantu’s official website to know more.


If you are looking for the class 11 applied mathematics online tuition classes for the CBSE board, Livecbse is what you can go for. The Liveable offers a full course for the class 11th mathematics that you can buy directly from its official site. If you are doing self-preparation, then you can buy its subscription. It’s quite affordable.

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