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Remote IT Support for your Business

What does remote IT Support involve?

Remote IT support involves the installation of software on your systems that enables IT technicians contracted to you to access your devices remotely, providing maintenance, support and security. With globalisation came the need for remote access and also the possibility for businesses to take advantage of expertise outside of their country, often obtaining services at a far smaller cost than would be the case domestically. With remote support, an IT specialist can connect instantly, from anywhere, taking control of the device in question and performing whatever checks or tasks necessary.

With remote support, an IT specialist can connect instantly and take control of your device wherever you may be, and performing whatever checks or tasks necessary.

Updates can be installed, issues resolved and files transferred, among other important services.

Remote support types

Attended / On-Demand Support

If you are in the middle of an important transaction or action on your system and something goes wrong – you need support fast – then you will have a number to call. The technician at the other end of the line will be able to connect to your device, taking control and attempting to fix the issue. With remote support this process is quicker and smoother than waiting for an available technician to make the journey to your place of work to attempt a fix. With an attended service, you will be the one to report a problem and only then will you authorise the IT technician to take control of your device and attempt a fix.

Unattended Remote Support

This service allows the technician to connect to your device on their own, without you being there (as well as when you are present). This makes it a viable overall IT support option, allowing maintenance, security, updates and other support.

Remote Support is not just a question of geography

Remote support is often a necessity even if you have a contract with a local IT support provider. In time-sensitive situations and during busy times, a quick fix can be best implemented remotely, suiting both you and your support company. In an ideal situation you might have a relatively local company that also has remote support facilities. This will give you peace of mind for you and your business, ensuring that you will get the support you need, when you need it.

Specific services involved in Remote Support

If you sign up for remote support you should make sure that the following services are provided.

Remote monitoring and management – absolutely necessary for security, mitigating against the risk of phishing attacks, malware and other system compromises.

IT problems do not respect the clock and your IT support company must be able to offer support in so-called off-peak times.

Anti-Virus and web security management – your remote support should include this as standard, ensuring everything is kept up-to-date.

Software Management – imperative for making sure your software is running smoothly and kept updated.

Backup and Recovery Management – You will benefit from the peace of mind that your important files are kept backed up in case of any issues.

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