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Best Online Estate Agents

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Selling property in the UK is a job that entails a lot of hassles. Finding a reliable agent, making sure you are not selling to unverified customers and getting the best value for your property, all require a lot of work. Internet, however, has made it easier no to sell your property. All you have to do is to find the trusted online estate agent and you can sell your property for the best price, hassle-free.

Who is an online estate agent?

The online estate agents help you to sell your property without involving the service of a traditional high-street agent. An online estate agent will offer more basic service as compared to high-street agents but they also charge comparatively much lower fees. Operated via call centres and websites, the online estate agencies operate in one of the two ways:

Online-only estate agents-such services require you to do most of the work, like taking photos of the property, creating an ad, conducting viewing, handling inquiries and negotiating with customers.

Hybrid agencies-there are many online-only estate agents who employ local property experts to handle the enquiries, negotiate offers and accompany property viewing.

Choice of the best online estate agent may not be that easy, this is why we are here with the list of best online estate agents to sell your property.

  1. Tepilo

Started by the TV star turned property guru, Sarah Beeny, Tepilo is an online estate agent that is focused on offering good-value property sale service to every customer alike. This agency abolishes the illogical rule that expensive houses have to pay higher fees to agents.

Its Advantages

One of the best advantages of using Tepilo as your online estate agent is its automated online platform that makes property sale process smooth. Also, you can contact them 24-hours a day that helps you to get personalised service. Tepilo handles the negotiation on your behalf so that you do not fall for emotional deliberation.

  1. Griffin Residential

It is one of the Best Online Estate Agency in UK. You can use Griffin Residential to market your property from 195 pounds. It has various packages like, gold and platinum. This online portal will help you saving thousands of pounds in estate agent fees.

Its Advantages

Griffin Residential is proud to be able to offer the most competitively priced packages for selling your home. Your property will be listed across all of the main property selling portals. You will receive all the support required from their experienced team of property professionals.

  1. HouseSimple

HouseSimple is one of the most popular online estate agents in the UK. Founded in 2007, the agency combines the benefits of selling the house yourself with the services you get from using an agent. The quality of their services can be anticipated from the honours they have received in the past such as the ESTAS Estate Agents Awards Best Online Agent in 2015 and the Negotiator Awards for Online Agency of the Year in 2016.

Its Advantages

HouseSimple offers a very efficient and prompt service that makes selling property stress-free for you. Once you signup, your property will be listed within 48 hours. The agent claims to have a success rate of 60% for the property it advertises which is a very high conversion rate in the online estate agent industry. With HouseSimple you get the choice to sell your house on your own but with backup services.


Adam Day created in 2006 when he realized the potential of technology application in the property market. This online estate agency is a platform for customers as well as traditional estate agents.

Its Advantages offers very flexible sales package that is uncommon in the real estate industry. You can custom-make any sales package that suits your needs the best. They have a partnership with Connells that enable them to use the established networks of consultants. This helps you in selling your property in consultation with a local expert.

  1. Settled was started by the siblings Paul and Gemma Young in 2015 that come from a technical background and wanted to utilize their expertise with technology to benefit property sellers and buyers. By combining their huge experience in working with firms like Google and Facebook and with high street estate agent Connells, they have created a platform that ensures buyers and sellers have the smoothest transaction experience.

Its Advantages

With technology as the premise of their platform, it is too easy to list and sell your property on The dashboard gives total control to the seller with additional tools, all of this at an affordable price. At present, Settled sell the properties at the 98% success rate for the proposed/expected price.

  1. YOPA-Your Online Property Agent

Started as an online estate agency, YOPA has diversified into offering local property managers. The major drawback of online property agents is facelessness which is taken care of by YOPA by offering dedicated property managers.

Its Advantages

Throughout the sale process, you have a dedicated agent by your side that is familiar with the local market and helps you get a more accurate valuation for your property. Unlike high street property agent, you can contact your agent any time with your queries.

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