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Tips For Improving Your Career

Improve Career

We all know people with a successful career, whether it’s a close person or a famous individual online. They are entrusted with some of the most interesting tasks, often the first to be promoted to top positions and given powers that are not always available to others. Well, there’s no accidental coincidence. The answer is simple, opportunities tend to correspond to being ready.

Chances are, an individual with a career envied by many is working on the regular to move in the right direction. So, how do you do the same? Well, in this read, we are going to give you a few tips from Marks Sattin that you can start implementing today in order to develop your career.

Look For a Mentor

To ensure you move in the right direction, it’s essential to find a mentor. It can be the head of a neighboring department, your leader or even your friend. Learn from him or her and ask them to point out your mistakes and point towards new horizons. Ask them questions regarding management technologies as they have more experience more than you.

Don’t assume that people won’t tell you anything. Human beings naturally feel flattered when they ask about work and are more likely to help you with such inquiries.

Create a Network of Contacts

You require a job that doesn’t interfere but calls for getting to know people, creating a network of contacts and discussing professional subjects. Creating a network of contacts is facilitated by participating in professional conferences, communities, commercial projects and seminars that involve many individuals.

How many contacts do you have in your phone of individuals that you can talk about professional stuff? You should aim for at least 150 in the beginning.

Get Self Development Books

A leader ought to be the best among equals and also an open individual who can listen and understand their subordinates, find a way out on an array of challenges and be able to multitask.

If you want to develop your career faster, it’s advisable to look for and read a lot of books on various topics like motivation, influence, time planning, management, psychology, leadership and everything related to your career. Read at least 24 books per year and you will notice a massive change not only professionally but in your personal life as well.

Attending training seminars on leadership skills is also an addition you may want to make. Training with a practical program will help you put the things that you learn from books into practice. Attend at least 3 training sessions per year.

Be Useful and Replaceable

Do your job as expected, but don’t close it on yourself. Confusing things is the best way of saving a position as very few will think of replacing you. However, when developing your career, you’ll want to be easily replaceable.

First and foremost, you are more likely to be promoted if your role can be transferred to another individual without too many issues. Your employer will be simply scared to think about what will happen if you leave the position where you are really good at.

Second, you will be psychologically ready to go to another position when the time comes. You won’t have to worry about your position and when you get a better deal, it will be the task of your boss to think of how they can hold you, most likely by promoting you to a better position.

Change The Place of Work Regularly

For ideal career development, it is best to regularly change your place of work. However, you should avoid being a flyer as this will only tarnish your reputation. After successfully completing a project, consider moving to another company and this should be a great strategy for venturing into new opportunities.

As a careerist, you should always be prepared for change. Keep in mind that promotion is what you are after and so, you need to be regularly training yourself to get into a better position. If the company you’re working at gives you this chance, the better, if not, you should look for a position in another organization.

Also, keep in mind that dismissal is a part of the journey and when it happens, you should be ready to search for another position.


The journey to becoming a leader is not an easy one and it’s never intended to be as such. You have to regularly leave your comfort zone and be able to make hard decisions and take responsibility for them when things do not go as planned. In this day and age, a leader has to be moderately talkative, always willing to listen, discipline and responsible.

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