What is Sandblasting? How much does it cost in UK?

how much is sandblasting

Your house might find the need to undergo painting and/or restoring. Even more so, it might benefit from sand blasting London. By essence, it is one of the most effective ways when it comes to shaping or stripping a surface of any foreign material. It tends to have an effect akin to that of using sandpaper, but it provides an even more finish with no problems with crannies, corners, and nooks.

Of course, before you consider sandblasting, it is imperative to get an idea about the different prices involved. You want to know how much does sandblasting cost. If you want to know about sandblasting and the price that will cost you to use this technique, then you have come to the right place. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

The Cost of Sandblasting

The cost of sandblasting really depends on a variety of factors. These include, but not limited to, the scale of the job, the material needed to be removed, the grit to be used, prep work, and the need for specialty services. You also have to take into consideration the different safety measures and tools, not to mention the deadline of the project.

Whether you want to perform DIY sandblasting or hire a company to get the job done, the aforementioned factors will definitely influence the overall cost. In addition, you might find the need to use some extra materials, which, in turn, will influence your initial investment for the project.

Before the cost of sandblasting can be determined, the most ideal move is to know the hourly rate involved and the hours needed to complete the project. Obviously, smaller jobs will cost you more in terms of the hourly rate. You might find the entire process pretty straightforward, but preparation is essential in achieving success.

DIY vs. Hiring a Company

After you get the understanding of What is Sandblasting and its cost in UK, it is time to check the difference between hiring a company and doing it yourself.

DIY – Choosing to perform sandblasting on your own means that you will be renting a sandblaster, which will cost you around £7 to £11. Air compressor and abrasive, on the other hand, are going to cost you £12 a day and £50, respectively. If you do not want to go the renting route, you can always buy them at your local shop. Keep in mind, though, that silica sand is a toxic substance that can cause silicosis. If you do not want to compromise your health, you might want to consider hiring a professional sandblasting company instead.

Hiring a Company – A sandblasting company has different ways of charging you. This could be by the hour, square foot, or job. And much like the DIY route, there are also different factors that can affect the total cost of the job, such as clean-up rates, the type of grit used, and size and condition of the substrate, among many others. You also have to remember that different substrates can vary in costs, with £3.5 per pound for slag and £0.60 per pound for corn cobs. Interestingly, an ideal way of reducing the price is to recycle and reuse some substrates.

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Here are some noteworthy costs and statistics for sandblasting projects. Make sure to keep them in mind:

  • Sandblasting an exterior face can cost around £700
  • As for sandblasting an exterior surface, it can cost between £450 and £1200
  • Wet sandblasting a house (1,500 square feet/139 square meters) with silica will cost, by average, £2300
  • The lowest sandblasting cost, especially when corn cobs are used, is £1200
  • A 1,200 square foot home will require at least 6 hours to be sandblasted

Additional Costs for Sandblasting

Apart from the costs discussed above, sandblasting is also going to introduce you to some additional fees. These extra costs, for instance, can cover safety measures like protective gear or air supply. Depending on your location, you will have to take into account the payments for permits, which will be required in some areas.

It is also worth noting that sandblasting can usually bring damage to some areas or features in your home. These could be your house’s doors, windows, paints, and other aspects. As such, expect yourself to pay for any possible damages that sandblasting could incur.

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