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6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Plumber

Plumbing problems can leave the house in a messy flooded state. When it happens, you want to make sure you hire the right plumber so that the plumbing mess can be settled once and for all. Not every plumber will complete the work to a satisfactory standard. Asking questions is one way to find out the attitude of the plumber toward the plumbing job. The following are 6 questions to ask before hiring a plumber.

1. Do You Have Any Experience in the Plumbing Problem?

The first question to ask is if the plumber has any experience in fixing the plumbing problem. Then, you ask how he is going to fix the problem. You should ask if there is any part that needs to be fixed and what tools will he be using to fix the plumbing problem. If he is experienced, he will give a fast reply. If the plumber is inexperienced, you should look for another plumber.

2. Do You Hold a Current License and Insurance?

Next, you need to ask him if he holds a current license and how long he has been in the plumbing business. Professional plumbing businesses usually hold the license and operate in the field for several years. Hiring a licensed plumber is important especially if your state requires licensing. Besides holding a current license, the plumber also needs to be bonded and insured. He has to show you proof that he is bonded and insured to assure you.

3. What Kind of Workers Are You Hiring for the Plumbing Repair Job?

You have to find out what types of plumbers are comprised in his crew such as apprentice, journeyman, and master plumbers. Are the workers fully trained and experienced to do the job?  Are they his workers or he is outsourcing to people outside contractors to help him with the plumbing job? It ensures that the company sends qualified workers to complete the job. Do they perform any background check on their workers? A background check is crucial as it is important to be wary of the person that is entering your home. Asking these questions ensures that the plumbing company sends well trained and hardworking workers to do the job.

4. Can You Provide a Quote?

You are to ask for a quote from the plumber after describing the plumbing job to him. You can also ask whether the quote includes the labor and material cost. If the plumber charges by the hour, you can ask how long he will be taking to complete the job. Some services such as installing a water heater will have a fixed fee. Repair jobs usually have fluctuating prices depending on various factors. Jobs that take longer will cost more.

5. What is the Payment Arrangement?

When you get the estimated quote, you can ask about the payment arrangement. Small jobs can be paid full after the job is done. For a big plumbing job, you usually make an initial payment and pay the balance after the job is completed. If you don’t ask, the plumber may assume that you know the payment requirements and expect you to send the payment before beginning the job. It is best to ask about the payment arrangement first before starting the job.

6. Is the Plumbing Repair Work Covered with Warranty?

You should ask the plumber if his job is covered by the warranty. The plumber may explain to you the different types of warranties he has for different services. Knowing the warranty period allows you to contact the plumber in time to get him back to perform the repair for free in case any flaw appears. The plumber should be able to provide a copy of the written statement on the guaranteed work. You should ask for the phone number to contact the team on the warranty service.

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