5 Promotional And Publicity Ideas For Summer

5 Promotional And Publicity Ideas For Summer

We are well and truly in the middle of summer, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts. That’s assuming that it does though as this is the United Kingdom we are talking about, with its notoriously fickle weather!

Seeing as the sun often brings out the best in people, now is the time to promote and publicise your own products, perhaps in the great outdoors, as customers could well be more receptive to your marketing messages. This is especially true at this time of year as the days are long and the evenings amenable to increased social activity!

Increasing your marketing in summer can make a lot of sense, even when folk are off on holiday, so don’t miss the opportunity to boost your sales over the holiday season!

But how can you get your brand’s name out there and what techniques or tactics are likely to work during summer? Well, here are 5 ideas to get you started.

  1. Organise an event in the great outdoors!

You may have to keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds up, but organising an event is a great way to promote the business, establish new relationships and boost your reputation within the local community.

If this sounds like too much hard work, you could always sponsor a summer event instead, as your name will still receive a great deal of positive publicity. Remember that this is corporate fun day, sports event and school holiday season, so there should be plenty of occasionsoutside for your business to make the most of too!

  1. Give away some summertime gifts

Promotional gifts are another excellent way of gaining attention, increasing exposure, and creating a closer bond with clients or customers. But as opposed to giving away staid corporate gifts like pens, key rings, branded mugs or fridge magnets, think about ordering some summer-inspired gifts instead. Items like personalised balloons with your branding or your bright logo on embroidered polo shirts should get noticed out and about!

Take a look at Promotional Gifts for instance, you will find no end of summer time product possibilities, including sunglasses, inflatable beach balls, water bottles, sweat-bands, flip flops, sun block jars, and Frisbees on offer.

  1. Launch a summertime promotion or range of products

Regardless of whether you want to appeal to your current clients or potential new ones, a limited summertime promotion will still encourage consumers to purchase your products or services. Creating a sense of urgency with cheaper than normal ‘sale’ prices will force shoppers to make a purchase sooner rather than later too!

However, if margins are tight and you can’t afford to drop your prices, then think about launching a range of products just for summer instead. Again, the limited nature of this deal will persuade people to part with their money before the offer ends.

  1. Adjust your social media activity

Despite the fact your social media fans and followers might be a little pre-occupied during the summer and enjoying the weather rather than checking their phones constantly, you can’t ignore this full-time responsibility.

But in order to create more interactions and engagement, adjust your activity to reflect the sunshine. Post and share content related to summer or ask your audience to share their favourite holiday photos or pics of their outdoor summer parties!

  1. Don’t rest on your laurels

If anything, this is the time of year when your marketing activity should be going into overdrive. With people on holiday and kids off school, there is great scope for appealing to new customers or rewarding existing ones.

While the sun is shining outside your window, staying motivated can be tricky. But with an available and accessible summer audience in front of you, it makes sense to go the extra mile, as soonas the winter blues will start to set in and any promotional or publicity practice can become an even harder uphill struggle as the winter blues set in.

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