4 Suggestions On When And How To Use Promotional Products Such As Pens

4 Suggestions On When And How To Use Promotional Products Such As Pens

Despite the fact more and more businesses are capitalising on the extensive  advantages that online advertising and social media can afford today, some tried and trusted traditional marketing methods remain equally effective.

Take promotional products for example, which can be used to improve consumer opinion and increase brand exposure. What’s more, items like promotionalpersonalised pens and customised clothing often cost less per impression than other publicity practices and are kept by the end user, your potential clients, for long periods of time.

Promotions should not just be performed on TV or online, for maximum effect they should consist of real-world items too, in the opinion of many leading marketing gurus!

But when and how should you be using promotional products to your advantage? Well, here with 4 suggestions are Premier Print & Promotions, a leading UK based supplier of branded items and bespoke gifts that you could wow your clients with, old and new alike!

  1. Promotional Pens and Clothing giveaways for consumers

The most common use for promotional products is to give them away to your current clientele or potential new customers. These items act as a constant advertisement and reminder for your business because there is a good chance they will get used time and time again.

When giving away promotional corporate pens and other marketing products, you will want to maximize your ROI, which means conducting some research about your audience’s wants and needs. For example, an energy drink company may want to give away branded clothing at a music festival, as this is where its target market of teenagers and young adults will likely be.

  1. Branded rewards for hard working employees

Another option is handing out promotional products and gifts to hard working or well performing employees, to reward them for their good work! This can be far more beneficial in some cases than giving them a simple monetary bonus or something unrelated to the business, as it creates a positive employee company association.  This helps to build bonds between employees and managers too as they will feel that they are more of an integral part of the business.

Although you might need to spend more on items they truly appreciate, this will be worth it in the long run. Your workforce will stay happy, motivated, and more likely to stay at the company for years to come.

  1. Items for the workplace environment

Even if your marketing and promotional activity is a reflection of the brand’s culture and core values, this might not be evident at your actual workplace. Thankfully, branded items can remind employees of who they are working for and what they should be striving to achieve.

On top of that, promotional products will be directly in the eye-line of clients and customers that come to visit. In addition to jogging their memory of what the business can provide, this tactic also exudes proficiency and professionalism.

  1. Products are better than business cards

Business cards are all well and good at sharing your name, position and contact details with an associate, but they don’t tend to live long in the memory of any recipient. What’s more, nothing really distinguishes one from the other, apart from differences in colour, font and design.

So, to really stand out from the crowd, think about handing out a promotional product as your business card instead. The recipient is much more likely to hold onto an executive promotional pen, logoed USB stick or lovely personalised mugs than they would a fairly obsolete and old-fashionedstiff piece of cardboard!

For more help on choosing and using promotional products, be sure to contact Premier Print & Promotions for help and advice regarding the hottest promotional personalised pens, mugs and many other goodies!

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