7 Back-To-School Tips For Parents

7 Back-To-School Tips For Parents

Once the summer holidays are done and dusted, it will soon be time for the kids to go back-to-school. No doubt, most children won’t be looking forward to this after a lengthy break from teachers and the classroom, but it does give them a chance to see their school-friends again and get back into the swing of learning!

However, even though going back-to-school can be a little upsetting for kids, it also has the potential to be rather stressful for adults too!

In addition to buying school uniforms and stationery, as a parent you will also need to get into the routine of making those healthy school packed lunches.

You will also likely be dropping them off outside the gates in time, and helping out with homework as well!

So, to make this transition back into the busy daily schedule a little easier for mums and dads, here are 6 back-to-school tips for parents.

  1. Organise your mornings

Most parents will find breakfast time and the ‘getting ready for school’ mad rush the part of the day that is the most stressful. This is why coming up with a regimented routine makes perfect sense for any household with youngsters to worry about!

Be prepared, stay organised, and devise a schedule to ensure you all leave the house with time to spare so that there is no last minute rush. This can include things such as making school lunches the night before or giving kids the responsibility to dress themselves in the mornings. Difficult we know but, with a little application, it can be done!

  1. Up-coming school term gifts for 7 to 12 year old school children

There are many pieces of kit and clothing that you must provide your children with but to give them a sense of their own identity, why not consider personalised school sports bags, duffle bags, iPad cases and even cosmetic or wash bags with their own monogram too!

Many parents love to buy personalised gifts for their girls and boys, especially around the 7 to 12 years age range. This is because that is when little ones are generally finding their feet in life out in the big wide world and need a little extra love!

  1. Don’t overlook the importance of breakfast

You have no doubt heard this advice numerous times before, but you simply cannot overlook the importance of your children’s breakfast. Starting the day with a healthy and nutritious meal will give your kids the attentiveness and attitude to make the most of school. You can also ensure they are getting one or more of their five-a-day all in the knowledge that a healthy body helps to cultivate a healthy mind!

  1. Streamline any housework or daily chores

Even the most house proud of people won’t be able to maintain exacting standards during term time. This is when your children’s education takes priority, so don’t worry too much about housework or daily chores. But if you can’t stand dirty floors or dusty ceilings, try to streamline these responsibilities by getting the kids involved or hiring outside help.

  1. Continue your kids’ education at home

Just because your children are being taught a great deal of information at school does not mean to say your responsibilities as a wise and worldly individual diminish. By continuing your kids’ education at home, they will be inspired to keep performing at school and impress you with their newly acquired knowledge.

  1. Understand the expectations of your children’s school

Every school will have their own unique approach towards teaching its students, which should be reflected at home as well. There is a good chance you chose your kids’ school because of their underlying beliefs and core values, but it doesn’t hurt to brush up on the expectations of your children’s school to avoid confusion over contrasting views and opinions.

  1. Buy the school term essentials sooner rather than later

Try to purchase school uniforms, stationery and any other school essentials as soon as possible to avoid panic buying at the last minute. Budget-conscious parents should look at second hand clothes, perhaps passed down from their older siblings, for growing children. For those children that love the trendy monogrammed personal look, gifts online from Apatchy include unique customisable pencil cases that kids will love and personalised backpacks with great practicality to boot!

If you adhere to these core principles then you will likely have done your utmost to get your children at their best and ready for the new school term.

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