Yalla Chance Review — Winning Made Easy as One, Two, Three

What if we told you that you can win something really valuable without investing too much time, effort, and money? Yalla Chance is a great place for people who like internet raffles and would like to participate in exciting giveaways without filling out endless online forms or conducting annoying challenges. The mobile app is intuitive and can be installed on all contemporary smart devices. You only need a connection to the internet once in a while to stay tuned and make initial purchases of items.

How Yalla Chance Works

The process is very straightforward and can be, indeed, explained in just three simple steps:

  1. Download the app and create a new account.
  2. Buy a couple of items with tickets attached to them.
  3. Wait for the draw date when winners will be picked by an RNG machine.

The whole procedure is streamlined and designed to make it as convenient for the end user as possible. The registration process takes just a couple of minutes. You only need to enter an active mobile phone number. All additional information can be filled in when you win. Otherwise, your account becomes a unique holder of tickets that participate in raffles.

Choosing The Right Prize

The catalog of prizes you can win at Yalla Chance is quite large and contains different categories of prizes. Depending on what you want to get or which option is more convenient, you may pick from multiple types of raffles:

  • Precious metals are hard to obtain in some regions of the world. In many countries, you cannot even purchase them and have to settle for a certificate. However, Yalla Chance allows you to get a chance of owning a gold bar.
  • Prizes denominated in AED can reach sizeable volumes. The last raffle saw the winner receiving over 15,000 AED (roughly, $5,000). You can get the cash prize remotely by asking for a bank transfer. However, you need to specify in customer support if your bank is supported by the system.
  • If you are a tech geek, you will love the selection of goods you can win at Yalla Chance. The company allows users to win an iPhone 14 Pro, Macbook Air, PlayStation 5, electric scooters, and other prestigious hi-tech devices.
  • Cars appear in active campaigns quite rarely, but they do appear and usually require a lot of participants to be a sensible choice for the company and an obtainable target for participants.

How Can You Buy Tickets?

Yalla Chance is an officially released mobile app that uses the preferred payment methods that you can choose during checkout. You can use bank cards and Apple Pay. The process is straightforward:

  1. Go to the Home screen and find a campaign that sparks your interest.
  2. Choose the number of tickets and head to the checkout section.
  3. Choose the payment method that you like (debit cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay).
  4. The necessary amount of funds will be deducted from your balance.
  5. You can now check active tickets on the corresponding screen in the mobile app.

How Will You Know That You Won?

The mobile app uses push notifications, but you will also receive an SMS message on your phone number. You can use prepaid and regular plans. If you add other means of communication to your profile (e-mail), you will get a letter congratulating you on winning. However, the easiest way is to simply check the “Tickets” section.

You will notice that every ticket has a unique serial number which is used during the draw phase when a random number generator picks the winner.


Yalla Chance is an already established raffle-focused platform where thousands of international users compete for luxury items. With an entry price being so low, you can always throw in a couple of bucks to get a chance of winning cash, precious metals, and hi-tech gadgets!

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