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Why Running a Business From a Storage Unit Can Be a Great Idea


Are you currently running your business from your kitchen counter? Are you among the lucky ones who can dedicate an entire room to running their business from home? Or maybe your business operations have taken over your whole house, filling it with papers, stationery, products, crates and marketing flyers and brochures? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, you should start thinking about moving your business to a more professional place, so that you can regain control over your house. However, this is easier said than done, as office spaces are expensive to rent, and you may not feel prepared to commit for many months or even years just yet. Before taking the leap, you may want to take a closer look at some other options. For instance, a 200-300 square foot storage unit could be exactly what you need in terms of space, and it can be yours for only a fraction of the price of an office rental. In addition, renting such spaces doesn’t require a long-term commitment. We are going to show you a few ideas of businesses that have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Online Businesses

Online stores can take a lot of space, as they may need to store lots of products before shipping them over to their clients. Such a business would call for a dedicated room in your house (which is not always possible). Furthermore, you’d have to keep packaging materials on hand, and this can also take quite a lot of space. A storage unit is an ideal warehouse for this type of business. It suits small to medium-sized businesses but also large businesses like Flux Pumps with large inventories that need large spaces to carry out routine day-to-day operations. You may set up such an order fulfilment centre without having to pay a fortune or to commit to long-term rentals.


Surprisingly, there are lots of tradespeople utilising storage space to run their businesses. They don’t repair things inside these storage units, that’s for sure! They rather use these spaces to store their tools, their work equipment and perhaps their materials on a daily basis. This type of storage suits bulky tools that aren’t used too frequently. It is an excellent alternative to leaving valuable tools and equipment inside their vans. It is also the perfect solution to store large supplies of materials they need on daily basis. For instance, a carpenter would store screws, clamps, glue, and perhaps several types of wood. These items are difficult to store at home. Also, leaving them in the van is too risky to be a viable option.

Independent High Street Shops

The price of renting space on the high street is higher than ever before. At the same time, the available properties are becoming smaller. As independent retailers try to maximise the use of each and every inch of space, this means they don’t have too much space left for storing supplies and additional stocks. In fact, more and more high street retailers use self-storage space as an excellent solution that enables them to keep their overflow inventory while also making the most out of their shop floor space.

These are only a few types of businesses that can benefit from self-storage rental solutions. Operating from a storage unit offers them countless advantages, including not needing to have big boxes delivered to their homes. All these advantages make running a business from a storage unit a great idea that thousands of business owners can use.

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