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Competition Drives Online Lottery Ticket Prices To All Time Low

As from the time that this article is published FairLottos have been able to locate more than 100 online lottery agents currently operating on the internet.

Apart from providing players with plenty of choices on where to shop for tickets, the competition between online lottery agents have worked in favour of the player in interesting ways.

Because competition between online lottery agents is so strong, each of them needs to attract players to their site and one of the most effective ways of doing this is by cutting ticket prices. And in 2018 lottery agents are slashing ticket prices more aggressively than ever before.

FairLottos had a look at some of the biggest online lottery ticketing agents to see how their ticket prices have been affected by competitive price cutting.

Giant Lottos, WinTrillions and Lotto Star are three of the biggest lottery ticket or lottery betting services in the world today, and they’ve all been forced to reduce the ticket prices for their biggest lotteries to less than half of what they were charging a year ago.

We spoke to Chris Turnbull, head of sales for Giant Lottos, about what the falling ticket prices mean for consumers and for lottery agents.

“We’re seeing an interesting development where players get more playing power for the same amount of money,” said Turnbull.

“Us as ticketing agents have had to adapt to a new market in a very short time. One thing is certain, there has never been a better time to be a lottery player,” he told FairLottos.

However, it is uncertain for how long these low prices will be around as many of the ticketing agents might not be able to compete in an already competitive and oversaturated market. And prices may soon return to normal when there are less agents competing.

“We could see an increase in ticket prices just as quickly as they fell, so we’re urging players to get their hands on cheaper tickets while they still can,” said Turnbull.

Players can visit Giant Lottos now where tickets for big international lotteries like the US Powerball and EuroMillions are currently cheaper than they have been in years.

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