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Why Is India Considered As The Most Preferred Destination For Medical Tourism Platform?

Medical Tourism Platform

India is considered to be one of the rapidly growing medical tourism destinations worldwide. The competent specialists in the country, combined with low-budget medical costs and topnotch healthcare services are what makes India the most preferred destination for medical tourism website.

Patients traveling abroad for medical treatment do so for several different reasons. Those coming from the developing regions look for treatments in India that are not available in their own countries. Hence, India serves as a medical tourism platform, as it sees the arrival of patients from even its neighboring countries.  Moreover, those who come from the western part of the world look for medical treatments that cost 5 to 10 times more in their own countries and as a result, they rush to India to avoid the huge waiting time for several routine procedures.

The cost differential is big! Open-heart surgery costs around $150,000 in the US and$70,000 in Britain; in India even the best healthcare facilities cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. The Knee replacement surgery costs $7,700 in India and $16,950 in Britain. Most of the healthcare firms and hospitals promote medical tourism in India, offer patients from abroad with a package deal or assistance that comprises of hotel, flights, treatment and, usually, a post-operative vacation.

Patients who intend to travel to India for medical purposes would be very much interested in the quality of treatment and services the hospital provides. NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) and JCI (Joint Commission International) are the two internationally health care quality standards and India currently has around 30 JCI accredited healthcare facilities and more than 425 NABH accredited hospitals.

The most sought-after medical treatments in India by foreign patients today include dental care, cardiac bypass, hip transplant, eye surgery, cosmetic surgery, knee transplant, alternative medicine, and the bone-marrow transplant. India is quite popular for open-heart surgeries, hip resurfacing, liver transplants and other areas of advanced level medicine.

Furthermore to modern medical treatments, India is recognized internationally for its alternative medical treatments like Yoga and Ayurveda and nearly all Ayurveda facilities in India are accredited to NABH.

To be precise, India has emerged as a medical tourism platform due to its compact medical treatment costs, world-class excellence standards and the accessibility of most up-to-date medical technology. The Indian government is also contributing to its medical tourism industry by dealing with basic infrastructure issues that obstruct the country’s growth in the field of medical treatment in India.

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