Why Having a Logo Is So Important for Your Business?

Creating a logo might be the most unnecessary thing on your to-do list when thinking about branding but you couldn’t be more wrong about the thought. Having a logo is a crucial step to make your brand a successful one. Why? It makes the reference easy. Your logo becomes the face of the company, it separates you from the competition and promotes brand loyalty. It becomes a brand identity and most importantly it is expected by your audience.

Still don’t think that logos are necessary? We know you will not be easy to convince, hence we have detailed the list to convince you why is logo important?

Shows Your Identity

Your logo speaks of you, your product. It should be present everywhere – business cards, websites, social handles. It communicates your ownership of the business, of the products and services you offer to the customers. Your logo is your first introduction to the potential customer base. First impressions last. Yes, you might not lose a potential customer if you don’t have a sound logo, but on the flip side, it might turn your potential customer base into your customers.

Captures Attention

Companies have 2 seconds to grab the attention of potential consumers and convince them that their products are worth the consideration. A logo can communicate your company’s core values by quickly grabbing the viewers’ attention. If you have a solid logo that speaks about your company, that small span of attention when the customer assumes your business, might work to your advantage.

Distinguishes You from Competitors

Some logos and symbols represent certain companies and their products so well that the audience recognizes them just by the sight. That is the purpose of a logo – it should not only be easy to register, but it should also be different or unique so that it’s retained.

Easily Recognizable

The logo leads your audience to the company, agree it or not. As a company owner, you will want your potential customers to connect the logo with the work your company does. Perhaps that is why it is preferred to narrate a story through the logo because let’s face it – customers get influenced by emotions. While the logo is a part of the branding process of a company, it is the foundation on which the entire narrative of the brand is built.

Promotes Brand Loyalty

Say it aloud – Customers crave consistency. Why? Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and think if you are out to buy working out equipment and find Nike’s track pants with their swoosh logo on them, will you not be immediately triggered to buy it? Yes, because you trust Nike, you trust their products and the logo reminds you of the trust and makes you loyal to the particular brand. Companies also try to redesign their logo to update their look with the trend. But the goal should be to remodel the logo with the ongoing trends and not to change it completely so that the customers have to put additional effort into the brand. It might not deviate your customer base, but it might slow down the process of brand loyalty.

Can Be Used Everywhere

Putting your logo on websites, social media, marketing, packaging, is a way to constantly promote your product and the message you want to deliver through them. If you have tied your brand message to your logo, everything you do becomes associated with your logo.

Customers Expect It

Customers know your logo before they know you. Your logo is the first image of your company, it is the first thing the audience will look for when they notice any communication from your brand. So it should always be on the top of the center of all your packaging and brand materials like – cards, flyers, advertisements, etc. If your logo doesn’t stand out to the audience – you are failing to make your product and brand stick to the audience.

So now you understand how essential it is to have a logo. You need it to build a successful brand and business. Keeping all of the above stated in mind, you can create an eye-catching logo for yourself through online logo makers, if hiring a designer from a big branding agency seems too early for your business.

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