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Why Fresh Content is Necessary for Your Online Business

There is a lot of emphasis placed on content for your website. It is necessary for success with the search engines and with your site visitors.

But many people make the mistake of simply creating a website with great content, and leaving it be. A continuous stream of fresh content is a must for true success.

Of course, we are all concerned with appeasing the Google Gods. Consistently supplying your website with fresh content will help you do this in a number of ways.

Your Website is Indexed More Often

First, each time you add a new page of content to your site that content leads your website to be indexed more frequently.

Frequent indexing doesn’t necessarily mean your rankings will raise, but it certainly helps increase that possibility.

A website that is not updated frequently can become a dead entity as far as Google is concerned.

If your site is indexed several times without new content added, your site could be relegated to the world of dead pages that never come up in search results.

A dead website that is not being updated is considered useless to users, as far as Google is concerned. And in reality it really doesn’t have much to offer the public either.

Another way that content helps your website in Google is that it increases the number of times your keywords appear on your site.

The more often your keywords appear, the more likely you will come up in searches. The more searches you come up in, the higher your ranking and the more people will find your site.

However, if you put your keywords too many times, Google might penalize your website for keyword stuffing.

More Content = More Visitors

But publishing content consistently isn’t just about appeasing Google. The more content you give your site visitors, the more you help them.

If that content is informative and solves problems, it can help you become seen as an expert in your field. Good content helps convert visitors to customers.

The more content you provide your customers, the more they will trust you and be likely to convert to sales.

In addition, the more high-quality content you publish online, the more likely people are going to link back to your site. These backlinks are great for your SEO rankings.


Regularly updated content gives your site visitors a reason to keep coming back. If that content is interesting, informational and helpful to them, they will keep coming back for more ideas and ways to solve problems.

This also helps you convert visitors to customers. Many people visit several websites multiple times before making a buying decision.

If you have fresh content each time they visit, you will have a better chance of holding their attention.

In conclusion, publishing high-quality content regularly will have many benefits including building backlinks automatically.

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