5 Reasons Why You Keep Failing At Content Marketing

There are plenty of resources giving information about many companies consistently failing to promote their content and generate leads, conversion and traffic on their websites. Although success is easy, but ground realities are different. A number of things that can obstruct you from getting your share of customers and leads. Perhaps, the reason is our own failure to understand the concept of content marketing. It will help you identify the reasons of failure, do the basics right and come up with a flawless content strategy again and again.

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Now, let’s get started!

  1. Self-Promotional Content

If theirs is too much self-promotional content on your blog, it is neither helpful for your readers nor for you. A content around products or services always sounds like a promotional content. Readers are looking for more – diversity that is. Readers want to go through the content that informs, entertains and enlightens.

  1. Small Goals Vs. Long Term Objectives

Small goals and low targets yield low scores. You will see your efforts wasted and ruined after a certain period. By setting long term targets and higher goals, you will take your efforts to new levels and, even if you fall below the expected level, you’ll be scoring higher than previous targets. So, why only target local customers. Instead go for global competitors and customers.

  1. Fear of Failure

Fear of failure always obstruct real success. If you are not willing to take risk, you will not grow as a content marketer. Change your approach and take chances. The least you’ll get is experience, which you can use in future to build up more sound strategies.

  1. Outsourcing Content

Content marketers should have a large variety of resources to make content available and ready for posting. One major issue is getting high quality content. Businesses tend to find it difficult to get high quality content from freelancers. Or may be they’re not aware of the industry standards themselves. The key here is to get acquainted with the standards then scrutinize the work of the freelancers. There’s a massive market, so you don’t have to worry about freelancers.

  1. Un-synced Operations

If your operations are not well-synced across the teams and within team members, you are not going to come up with attention grabbing content all the time. If you haven’t already done it, divide your work into three departments or teams:

  • Content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Content promotion

Now integrate all these departments for seamless flow of content. You can integrate text-based content with graphics or video content, or any other type of content.


There are other reasons, such as:

  • Being introvert fearing of thinking out of the box
  • Content lacking proper CTAs
  • Lack of specific online channel for promotion
  • The lack of dedicated person to run your marketing campaigns
  • Differences between you and the management, etc

All these factors have one thing in common – the lack of discipline. If you do things with discipline, you will be able to coordinate all the activities and promote your content in a much better way.

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