What Signages Are and Why Your Business Needs One Now

We see signages every day. Go out in the city, and there are signages everywhere you look. It’s used for directions, as advertisements for businesses, and in many other ways.

While we see them every day, it’s easy to assume that signages are simple and there are no complexities to them. But in reality, there’s so much more to signages than you think. In this article, you can learn everything to know about signages.

All About Signages

Signages are a way to communicate with people via a graphic display. Most signages are used for marketing, directions, and to deliver information.


If you think you see most signages used for marketing and advertising, it’s because they are. Signages are an easy way for companies to promote themselves to people. They are cheap and can be effective when used with a good design and concept. Businesses use four main types of signages:

  • Advertising hoardings – Often confused with billboards because they look the same and serve the same purpose, advertising hoardings are different because they are used in construction areas. When you pass by these areas, these are often blank, but some businesses use them for advertising as they are still a great way to let people know about their products and services.
  • Billboards – Billboards are signages commonly used in busy parts of the city. They are big and the most expensive to use for marketing.
  • Outdoor signages – Used by businesses for the outdoors, this kind of signage is for advertising in the open, with most of them promoting the business’ name and products. They are commonly used as a hook to get customers interested.
  • Indoor signages – Outdoor signages get customers interested, but it’s the indoor signage that keeps them interested. Rather than advertising the product itself, indoor signages are used to further expand on the business’ products and services inside the building with price lists, directions, and other types of content.

To sum it up, signages are effective marketing tools because there are many ways that you can manipulate the content displayed on them to entice customers to be interested in the business.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are some of the practical purposes of signages. Because they are easy to notice, especially when placed correctly, signages can be a way to inform people about health and caution them about possible risks near the area.

They give people information that they need to keep their well-being. Health and safety signs are mostly seen in crowded places like schools, hospitals, and malls, and risky areas like remote roads and construction areas.


While there are many practical ways and purposes to use signages, who says that you can’t use it for pure aesthetics alone?

If done with sharp, beautiful designs, signage can be very beautiful and has the potential to make places more pleasing to the eye.

You can see this in almost any establishment and not know about it. While it can still contain the business’ or place’s name and be a form of advertisement, you’ll know by the appearance if their main purpose is for aesthetics.


Have you ever been to the airport for the first time and you’re by yourself? Chances are, you don’t know where the different locations are, and you only rely on the signages posted in the airport. It’s an example of how signages help in giving directions and navigation.

As long as they are in the right places and the directions are properly displayed, it will be easy for people to go to where they need to go without getting lost.

We love directional signages, and businesses can recognize that to the point that they make signages with directions to their business to help customers reach them.

Traffic Control

Signages help in navigation by informing people about where their destination is. But, they can also be useful in traffic control by letting people know about the traffic rules they need to follow to get to their destination trouble-free.

Also, people following road rules with the help of traffic signs enhance safety. Traffic signs also help in lowering the chance of accidents happening due to people driving recklessly and not knowing about the rules like one-way roads, no overtaking, and the like.


Signages are so effective at what it’s supposed to do that you’d be shocked at how cost-effective they are.

First, the upfront price of signages isn’t that high. But, it still depends on the material, size, and other features. If you’re looking at indoor and outdoor signages, you don’t have to spend too much money as they tend to be affordable for most businesses.

While they do require maintenance, especially those placed outside and those with electronic features, it doesn’t cost much.

For the help signages bring in marketing, brand recognition, safety, and communication, the money you need to pay for it will be worth it.

Get Recognized with Signarama

When you have a business, it’s all about marketing. You have to make people know that whatever you offer them is good enough for them to avail.

However, before that happens, you need to get your brand recognized first.

If you’re looking for quality  Signarama signage in Perth, here are the following types of signages you can choose from:

  • Building signs
  • Fixed verge signage
  • Internal signage
  • Portable signage
  • Printing services
  • Vehicle signage

We can also do your business signs and custom signs. If you don’t know what to put on it, we also have a team of professional signwriters ready to help.

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