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What is Psychometric Testing and How Can it Improve Your Recruitment

A growing number of businesses are turning to psychometric tests to help in their recruitment process. But what exactly are psychometric assessments, and could they help your business identify valuable, high-performance employees?

What are Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric testing is used by employers to quickly identify candidates who are most suitable for their organisation. Using psychometric testing early on in the recruitment process can highlight each candidate’s skills, knowledge, personality traits, and attitudes.

This can help you quickly identify the right employees to put through to the next round of interview, or even to go straight into the role you’re advertising.

Unlike other types of interview techniques, psychometric testing helps to quickly evaluate a candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality traits to determine whether or not they match those required for a specific role.

How do Psychometric Assessments Work?

A fundamental reason why psychometric training is so popular with employers is that most assessments can be completed online. This helps to make it a cost-effective solution for many businesses.

There are a number of organisations that offer psychometric test packages. Although each will have its own methodology, most will offer questions that vary between multiple-choice and written, more descriptive scenarios describing specific situations that may occur at a workplace.

These questions then require a selected response from the candidate, as this will help to determine whether or not they possess the vital qualities needed for an employee at your business.

What Happens when the Assessment is Over?

Once the tests are complete, you should take the time to ensure that every applicant gets feedback on how they performed. This should be given regardless of whether or not the applicant has progressed to the next round.

In highlighting areas where candidates have performed strongly, alongside areas in which they can improve, you can help to reveal strengths and weaknesses that they themselves may not have been previously aware of.  This can prove invaluable to anyone that doesn’t make the cut this time around, and you may well be preparing them for a successful application with your business at a later date.

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How can Psychometric Assessments Help with Recruitment?

There are four main ways that psychometric assessments can help you with recruitment:

  • Offer an Alternative to Standard Interview Questions
    Although standard interview techniques play an important part in the recruitment process of all businesses, they aren’t always the most reliable way for employers to assess their candidates. While some people are naturally good at face-to-face interviews, this can paper over the cracks as far as some of their deficiencies are concerned and can hamper the subjectivity of those on the interview panel. This is a scenario that can be completely avoided with psychometric testing, which provides an accurate assessment of an individual to ensure you recruit the best possible candidate for the job.
  • Offer Valuable Insights into Each Candidate
    Psychometric assessments provide valuable insight into how candidates respond to a variety of real-world situations, including those that they might encounter in the workplace. This type of testing can highlight crucial information about a candidate, including how they work under pressure, along with strengths, weaknesses, and even aspirations. Psychometric tests provide accurate predictions about what a candidate is like to work with, as well as outlining their potential in a certain role. This can be vital if you aim to employ people that fit the ethos of your business. Psychometric tests also provide insight into how well they’re likely to get along with existing employees and fit in with ways of working, long before they set foot on site of your business.
  • Saves Time and Money for your Business and Interviewees
    Psychometric testing can be used as a filter early on in the recruitment process, to help you quickly identify applicants you feel shouldn’t proceed any further. If mass interest is likely to be attracted by a vacancy or a group of vacancies, this is an extremely effective way to avoid sifting through far too many applications and CVs. As an employer, you will benefit from significant savings in both time and money. And candidates will also save time and money – they won’t have to pay travel costs to sit psychometric tests as they can be conducted online. Money and time saved for everyone involved.
  • Keep Recruitment Consistent
    Consistently using psychometric tests ensure that every candidate undergoes the same evaluations. This allows you to make valuable, reliable and actionable comparisons between candidates, as well as objective decisions on their suitability. Using this type of assessments are part of the recruitment process helps you to find a candidate that has attributes that match those required to fill a specific role, resulting in an employee that will be most effective for an organisation.
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