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What is Blogger Outreach? How to find Blogger Outreach Services?

Blogging and social media have evolved substantially since they first became main stream.  In the beginning, blogging was about sharing views and connecting with the audience that shared the same interest. Then competition over the Internet became fierce and SEO took precedence. Now the same tactics like broadcasting a message to the entire audience are no longer relevant. Today, any SEO Essex expert will advise you to incorporate blogger outreach in your marketing strategy.

Before we go on to explain blogger outreach, there is an immediate need to understand how link building and social media marketing has changed. According to Technocrati Media now blogs are the third most influential digital assets on the Internet that affect the purchase decision of online buyers. Retail sites and brand sites are the only two sources that have more influence than blogs.

There is a reason why blogs are the fifth most trusted source of information on the Internet. Bloggers who spend time in understand the requirements of their audience and do proper diligence on their part nurture authority.

Bloggers are trusted by the consumers

According to Business.com, 77% of people read online reviews before buying any product. Now the only review is from an authority or more appropriately an influencer. Bloggers that have built a relationship with their readers know what they are writing to establish a substantial following and become influencers.

The Bloggers Outreach Marketing

Businesses can benefit from the influential connection the blogger has with the target customers. Under blogger outreach, brands and businesses work with influencers to create honest, appealing and authentic content to promote their products, Managed IT Services, or create brand awareness. When you connect with bloggers you are actually communicating with your customers on an already trusted relationship.

Why does blogger outreach marketing make sense?

Bloggers outreach marketing is not the same as link sharing. Google already warns against the outright exchange of money or anything of value in lieu of links. This is seen as a link exchange. Instead, influencer marketing focuses on writing a detailed review about your product or service that gets the much-needed exposure you need. Furthermore, their relationship with the audience mostly results in natural link building and sharing.

Unless your product is too bad you mostly will get positive coverage from bloggers at the worst it may be neutral.

What to know before you start with blogger outreach?

There are more than a few ways to partner with influential bloggers and take their help to reach your marketing goals. Digital marketing trends show that blogger outreach programs have a very high ROI compared to other promotional strategies.

There are infinite blogs on the Internet. Unless you have the in-depth knowledge about the writer and what does he write about, you will be wasting your time reaching every other blogger out there. For instance, if you are in the business of healthy foods, you might partner will food blogs in general but that will be a waste of resources. Instead, your focus must be on finding influential healthy food blogs that you can work with.

Finding the right blog, researching about the writers and forging a partnership can be time-consuming. You can hire any reputed blogger outreach service to do the heavy lifting for you.

Be simple with your message when you reach an influencer. Do not try to put in too many sentences and get to the point within the second or third sentence. Next person is busy as you are. This is why it is important to send succinct outreach messages.

How to find Blogger Outreach Services?

One factor that speaks in favour of not hiring an agency for the outreach is that they do not share the passion you have for your service or product. When you reach a blogger with your outreach mail make sure the passion and enthusiasm are there in your message. It compels bloggers to take your outreach mail seriously over thousands of others.

Almost everything under the sun is on the Internet, so there are minimal chances that your product or service will be truly unique. But if you truly have a groundbreaking product to offer, then you don’t have much to worry about otherwise you really have to be creative with your selling proposition. There are hundreds of products similar to yours, why should the influencer care? You have to let the bloggers see how your brand or product is different and surround it with creative content initiative.

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