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What is a Power Bank – A General Guide

Introduction to Power Banks

Power banks are a kind of portable battery used to charge various types of electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mp3, mp4 players and more. They are designed to be lightweight and portable so one can charge its device while on the go. Their convenient moveable build is the most prominent feature that distinguishes them from other charging options available. Therefore, you can think of them as rechargeable batteries that store electrical energy within which is transferable to other electronics.

  • How does a Power Bank works?

Power banks use a special case with batteries fitted inside along with a specially build circuitry to control the flow of power. The batteries can be either lithium-ion or lithium-polymer depending upon the model of the power bank. The current is transferred to the host device via a USB output power supply while the power bank is itself recharged through a micro USB that is connected to the batteries.

When you connect the power bank with a device, the current starts to flow with a specific voltage depending upon the device’s input and power bank’s output capacity. You’ll need to recharge the power bank once all the charging capacity is used up.

  • How to use a Power Bank?

Any device having a mini USB for charging is compatible with a power bank. This includes smartphones, tablets, cameras, portable speakers, laptops, mp3/mp4 players and more. Simply put, all you need to do is connect the device with the power bank via a data cable. The micro USB connects with the device while the larger USB is to be inserted in the power bank. Your device will start charging at once if the connection is made correctly. Additionally, if your power bank comes with an LED indicator, it will also start showing that the charging has started.

  • How to recharge a Power Bank?

Power banks have a USB input socket dedicated to receiving power. You can supply power to the power bank via a wall socket adaptor or by connecting it to a computer. Remember, the micro USB port is used for input power or recharging only. Meanwhile, the large USB port is used to charge other devices. Don’t forget to read the user manual that comes with the product for better understanding.

How fast your power bank will recharge depends upon the capacity it holds along with its model. Usually, most of the power banks come with an LED indicator that shows the current capacity level. Always avoid overcharging the power bank and remove it immediately as it gets charged completely.

  • How many times my device can be charged by power bank?

It all depends upon the battery capacity of the power bank and your device. It can be illustrated by a simple example. For instance, you have a power bank having 5000 mAh capacity. Meanwhile, your handset or any other device consumes a charging capacity of 2000 mAh. Then in such a case, the power bank can charge you 2.5 times. Meaning after two complete charges it will still charge it to half.

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