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Trading On The American Stock Market

American Stock Market

Stock market – is the place where investments meet business. How does it work: Company “A” needs financing, a loan of some sort before it will start developing some revolutionary technology. “A” places its stocks on the open market on which investors “B”, “C” and “D” are buying at a low price. The company receives money and starts to successfully grow. Thus, B, C, and D benefit from its increase in value. These kinds of stocks can be sold or receive annual dividends, which are constant passive income.

American VS European market

Approximately half of the processes for the global stock market occur in the United States, due to the fact that conducting various financial operations in the American market is less risky and more profitable. This happens due to the stability of the political situation in the country and relative independence from oil prices. The number of companies trading in the country’s market is also important: more than 5,000 companies put their shares on the US stock market, while in Europe this number is far more modest. Recently, the situation in the European Union is also subject to constant change, which affects the economies of countries, which, in turn, affects specific firms.

Thinkorswim trading platform

Intermediaries between companies and investors – traders – must be well versed in the current economic and political situation in order to minimize all kinds of risks. To achieve their goals, they use various programs: Fusion, Transaq, ThinkOrSwim. Thinkorswim (TOS) from the largest broker TD Ameritrade is one of the most functional and affordable platforms even for a novice user. Here are just a few of the features available after registration.:

  • · Calendar, important events, news for the timely display of the most relevant information;
  • · An extensive database of training, research and other content for novice traders;
  • · A large number of tools and indicators for analytics, data forecasting, and pattern research;
  • · Ability to customize charts for optimal asset management.

TOS has 2 modes of operation: Paper Money and Live Trading. The first mode is a kind of demo version with certain limitations and the absence of risks for inexperienced users. Novice traders can “get their hands on” and get used to the program before starting work in the second mode. Live Trading works in real-time and provides a full range of features.

The only negative of this platform is that registering on it is problematic for residents of Europe and Britain because the owner of the program is focused on users in America and Canada. On the other hand, after registering and gaining some experience, you can safely build up equity using the US stock market. You can bypass the locks using website, where they will register for you by using American data (address, phone number, etc.). This will allow you to use ThinkOrSwim to the fullest, increasing the capital and invaluable experience of the trader.

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