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Using A Vpn For Business In Germany To Connect Overseas

When it comes to surfing the internet, Germany is quite a liberal country. There are not too many blocks on websites, so you are basically free to surf pretty much any website that you choose within reason. There are blocks to the Dark Web and some undesired sites, but on the whole, you may wonder why a VPN article would be associated with a country that is relatively open to allowing its users browse the web freely.

In Germany, you might even be asked was ist vpn verbindung? If you mention it to anyone because in general the citizens there do not see much reasoning behind having one considering the countries internet surfing is very liberal.

Nonetheless, there are people that will want to connect to VPNs because they want privacy or they want to connect to a website overseas. The latter obviously being someone on a business trip from another country, a tourist, or someone that is working in Germany.

 Connecting to a VPN for Visitors to Germany

It is quite funny because when I was in Germany, I connected to a VPN so I could access the BBC iPlayer to watch Match of the Day, which is a football round-up program. The reason I needed a VPN was because the iPlayer was rejecting my connection because I was in Germany or connecting from a German IP. Also, when I was in the office, the work office network blocked iPlayers or streaming altogether.

When people saw me in the conference room on my break watching Match of the Day, naturally Germans love football too, so they came in to watch. They were confused though – how was I able to stream from within the office? I said VPN and they asked in German was ist eine vpn verbindung? Literally meaning – What is a VPN Connection? Therefore I had to explain!

The moral of the story here is that I was able to bypass the office security and use another server’s resources to stream the iPlayer. The office IT staff were trying to save bandwidth and this is why streaming was banned. I was not using their bandwidth, so no rules being broken here. Secondly, I was able to connect to a UK based VPN server tricking the iPlayer into believing I was in England at the time.

Using a VPN For Privacy

As Germany is arguably the center of EU laws and decisions, it is obvious this country is going to have a huge cybersecurity network that is designed to invade your given right for privacy while online. Therefore, by using the VPN, no one was able to spy on the work I was doing, which was very private. I was safe in the knowledge the VPN was helping me achieve my goal of privately surfing the net and communicating privately.

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