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TrueNorthBit Review 2021 – Is It True to Its Customers? ( 

I have been trading for a very long time but now my old age doesn’t permit me to work the same way and this lack of energy has influenced my decision to continue working. A trader who has grown up along with the profession and has seen it evolve would never want to stay away even for a second. While I prepare myself for my retired life, I look back at my trading venture which was all about highs and lows. Being in this position makes me think that we have succeeded at producing the best traders but we have failed terribly at delivering a healthy trading environment to our next generations.

If you are a young trader, you might not understand the pain behind these words because you have yet to see how brutally damaging this can be. I have seen countless traders come all passionate and leave all disappointed. My heart aches when I think about how hard the survival of young ones has become thanks to the fake forex firms in the market. A couple of days back I met a young trader who invested all the money that he got from his dad as inherited wealth because the new forex firm seemed to be very promising to him. I asked him what made him think it was promising and he started listing down all the flashy features which stand useless if the broker isn’t efficient enough when it comes to matters like security. As anyone can tell, the gentleman ended up losing all the precious money.

I understand how harsh working conditions are a major hindrance in the way of today’s trader but this doesn’t mean I am encouraging you all to give up. Elders have always told us that where there’s a will there’s a way and your way is researching yourself. Yes, If you are ready to take up small responsibilities you can make things go the right way because this way you’ll gain greater control over the consequences of your actions.

Let me tell you that back when I became a trader, we did not have scam firms in this huge number but they were present and were working in full swing. This is why many traders of my age have been trapped by them including me. In fact, I haven’t suffered at the hands of these imposters for once. I can’t recall the exact number but TrueNorthBit was my 4th or 5th forex firm. This means that I have observed the trickster forex firms very closely and this experience allows me to quickly spot a fake forex firm.

When you reach old age, your goal isn’t to make money and you start thinking about the greater good. I saw traders being looted every day and I realized that the best thing I could do for them was to review my forum which is one of the most reputable and trustworthy forex forums. I just want to let you all know that the struggle to find the right firm is huge but once you land on it things can take a 180-degree turn. I have seen TrueNorthBit change the entire trading scenario for me. In the review below, I’ll try to explain how exactly it happened and what shortcomings unleashed gradually so that you all have a clear understanding regarding the forex firm TrueNorthBit. I want to bring it to you all beforehand that TrueNorthBit has been amazing to me so far but it has some flaws that might be significant for some and not for others.

In order to make sure that you clearly learn about the broker, I will be talking about the pros and cons individually.


No Stress Because Security at Its Best

I think the heading pretty much says it all and this is what most traders will relate to. If you ask me the top feature of the top forex firm, then I’d say security. A secure working environment encourages traders to work in a more confident manner and in return, it is this satisfaction that takes the company to the winning end ultimately. I have always been calm whenever it came to security because I have seen the administration work hard towards the provision of this safe and secure atmosphere. I feel like the concern of the firm towards the public interest is everything.

No Login Restrictions

A fake forex firm likes to keep the customers trapped into small issues so that they don’t pay attention to the major ones. One such example is that they don’t let the users open the website and their accounts as many times as they want. They have added limits that are usually shown to you as errors. These fake firms like to minor your access to your hard-earned money and meanwhile steal all that you have. Here at TrueNorthBit, this isn’t the case. Your money is more like that of the firm and this is why no compromise of safety.

Web-Based Server

Web-based servers are the ones that eradicate the need to make any external installations of software or programs to get working. Those that require external installations can be burdensome for both the devices and the security because you’ll always have a threat of the introduction of the virus into the system. A web-based browser makes working easier because now the only thing you need is an internet browser. Also, you can open the website on more devices and log in to your account to start from right where you left from. TrueNorthBit is a web-based broker. I would recommend you thoroughly go through the entire installation process before signing up for it in order to gain greater knowledge.

Focus On Learning and Education

A good trading experience isn’t about wealth and money, in fact, it is about growth and learning. This is something the broker is well aware of because they have introduced a very well laid out and comprehensive education system. This is done so that you are educated about all the important issues and you never miss out on any important information. To maximize your learning they have added Frequently Asked but, Assets Index, Glossary and ebooks. Each one of these has substantial contents.

How to structure your email program to retain customers

Reach Out the Way You Want

If you start using the firm, you’ll see that they have a firm belief in building up and strengthening the bond between the customers and the company. For this purpose,  they want to ensure that you never keep from discussing any problems with their professional and well-trained individuals. For this purpose, they have introduced several options like call, email, chat and submit a form. If you aren’t comfortable with one then you can use the rest of the available options. I feel like the wide range of options indicates how they are dedicated to making things better for the users.


Frequently Asked but Not Updated

Yes, I am referring to the FAQs which have been well written and I also like how they have been grouped to ensure that one doesn’t have to keep fumbling through the section. You just pick the category of your question and look for the answers. However, this isn’t it. Like you all know that trading is a profession which is growing at a very fast pace and this gives birth to new questions and queries. I feel like the lack of constant updating has left a gap that is bothering a lot of us. I hope they start updating these soon because the need to get in touch with customer support representatives is decreased further this way which saves time.

Private Analyst Is a Luxury

A private analyst isn’t made available for all sorts of account holders because it is more of a luxury thing. I feel like this needs to be reversed because, in my opinion, the young traders need these individuals the most. If they are provided to them, they can surely change the trading world for them.

No Trial Period

Another con that I found the most disturbing is that the traders who have just joined aren’t allowed to have a trial period where they can get well acquainted with the company and the way stuff works here. This is usually done by making use of fake money so that losses aren’t actually losses and gains only give you experience.

Concluding Remarks

A good forex broker makes you feel good and blessed because you are constantly being reinforced that the firm has got your back. It is this confidence in your firm that you need in order to touch the unprecedented heights of success. After working with TrueNorthBit I have a constant feeling of gratitude because of the way they serve me and treat my problems as their own. If you want to get a broker that feels like a genuine friend you can look into this one.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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