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User-Friendly: Top PDFBear Functions That People Should Start Using

It’s difficult for many people, such as employees or students, to manage their PDFs without the correct solution. If people don’t utilize PDFBear, they won’t be able to unlock, safeguard, or even merge their PDFs on the fly because this unique online software is always available anytime and anywhere.

When you use PDFBear’s features, managing PDFs is a breeze. This software allows users to compress, unlock, and add watermarks to their PDF files in under a minute. Additionally, PDFBear is the safest and most secure program to use because its system will delete your documents in less than 60 minutes. Following that, here’s a collection of PDFBear tools to assist you with your PDF files.

Add Watermark

People may easily add watermarks to PDF files with this program. There are several ways to add watermarks to your file, but the manner you choose is entirely up to you. Users can still manage their PDF files using other PDFBear services in addition to this one.

This program allows you to add text to PDFs in less than 30 seconds. Aside from that, PDFBear will let you change the transparency or typography of the watermark you put. You can use images or text as watermarks, and using the add watermark to PDF function is pretty straightforward. The simple steps to complete the process are listed below:

  • Select, drag, and upload the data on which you want to apply a watermark.
  • Choose the image or words that will serve as your watermark.
  • Select the location where you will place the watermark.
  • Start downloading the file when you’ve saved your edits.

Unlock PDF

Do you find it inconvenient and time-consuming to have essential PDF files that are password-protected? If that’s the case, you should start using this online feature right away. The unlock PDF application will enable you to decode any password-protected PDFs without causing you any hassle.

Many people find it challenging to work with protected or encrypted PDFs. However, PDFBear can assist you by providing the Unlock PDF tool, which you can use to remove passwords from any PDF file for free. The average PDF user might not know where to look for the correct tool, but they can effortlessly open and unlock any protected PDF files with this functionality. The PDFBear procedure is simple to do and follow so that anyone can accomplish it in just a few clicks. Following that, here’s how to utilize PDFBear’s unlock PDF tool:

  • Select the document you want to open and begin uploading it.
  • Put the password in there.
  • To open the file, click “Unlock PDF.”
  • The PDF file is now available for download.

Compress PDF

If you wish to transmit a PDF by email, you’ll need to compress it. Reduce the file size of a PDF document to save memory space on your mobile device or computer. This method is helpful for students or employees who constantly send emails with ideas or presentations.

If you want to compress your PDFs quickly and easily, PDFBear is the tool for you. Unfortunately, some applications may reduce the quality of your files after compression. Still, with PDFBear’s compress PDF tool, you can reduce the file size of your PDFs in seconds while maintaining the quality. Here’s how to compress your PDF files if you don’t know how to use this feature:

  • Select the documents that you must squeeze in immediately.
  • Select any of the available options.
  • In a few moments, your data will be scanned and compressed.
  • Start downloading and distributing the newly compressed PDF file after the process is completed.

Password Protect PDF

People must add passwords to their files if they want them to be secured from hackers or other intruders. This procedure is required since it is now assumed that others will take something that is not theirs.

It will just take you four steps to encrypt any file, and PDFBear will erase any uploaded files on its server after an hour. With that statement, no one would ever be able to find your documents online, and it is safe to assume that you have successfully protected your files.


PDFBear is the most popular and highly recommended free tool for organizing PDF files. It’s helpful if you don’t want to put in much effort compressing, converting, unlocking, and protecting your PDF files. With that said, you can begin using PDFBear’s features to manage your files more easily and without fuss. Compared to other online software, PDFBear will always provide any information that users need.

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