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Top Tips For Change Management Success

Change management is the process of managing, introducing, and approving project changes. Implementing change can be a challenging process, and if you don’t handle it effectively, it can cause your project to derail. To stop this from happening, take note of the tips mentioned below:

  • Take a project management training course – One of the best ways to improve your change management processes is to take one of the project management courses that are available. There are always new methodologies and techniques, which can improve the way you implement and manage change. This is why it is important to keep broadening your knowledge with project management training.
  • Listen – Every project manager knows the importance of effective communication. However, communication is not a one-way thing. You also need to listen. Your stakeholders will have insights that you don’t, and so it is important to take in their feedback.
  • Work with the willing – Dissenting voices can provide great value, as they may have looked at trade-offs that you have not considered. Nonetheless, you cannot successfully implement change if you have people that are fighting you with every step you take. It is important to work with those who share your vision, and let go of those who refuse to.
  • Know the tradeoffs – This is one of the most important tips. There are knock-on effects with every change that is implemented. So, when you are planning for change, you need to determine what other areas are going to be impacted, and seek to quantify that impact so that you can completely understand the trade-off that you are making.
  • Start with a vision – You need to have a clear conception of what you are trying to achieve if you are to have a successful change management strategy. This idea needs to allow amendments along the way – it cannot be too static. Nevertheless, to get everyone moving in the same direction, you do need to have a clear vision of the end-state.
  • Don’t rush the process – With deadlines looming, it is tempting to rush the change process. But you shouldn’t. Change takes time to be implemented properly; it won’t happen overnight. When you change an essential element of the project, you are potentially trying to change you culture, your team’s roles, and the way your employees think.
  • It is all about people – Last but not least, whether your employees resist or embrace the change will determine the success of it. Technology may allow change to happen, but it is all about the people ultimately. Think about what you are trying to drive and the implications it will have on your team. There will be those who resist you, as well as those that will assist you through the change. You need to maximise the drivers and minimise the resisters.


Changes can be difficult to implement when working on a project. However, if you make a note of the tips that have been mentioned above, you should be able to make the process more organised and a lot easier.

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