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How To Stop Procrastination From Creeping In While Managing Your Project Team

With deadlines looming, there is no time for procrastination during a project. It is your job to ensure that all projects are delivered on time. If your team fall behind, it will fall on your shoulders. This is why it is vital to put measures in place to ensure your team stay motivated and their productivity levels remain high. Read on to discover some top tips on doing so.

  • Brush up on your skills with project management training – A lot of project managers make the mistake of thinking they do not need further training once they have achieved a project management qualification. However, this could not be further from the truth. Not only do refreshers ensure that you are motivated, but there are always new techniques and approaches to learn through new project management courses.
  • Acknowledge individual efforts – It does not matter what your business model is, you need to acknowledge and appreciate the work of your individual team members. Acknowledgement is directly related to motivation levels. If you do not acknowledge the efforts of your team members, why would they feel motivated to work harder for you?
  • Encourage joint accountability – When it comes to tracking individual performance, accountability is a critical factor. You can push someone on the back foot if you hold him or her accountable and no one else. They may be so scared of being judged that they end up procrastinating. This is why joint accountability is beneficial. It ensures that team members motivate one and other, leading to better performance without people worrying about being answerable.
  • Hold progress meetings – It is a good idea to start with semi-weekly or weekly progress meetings. While it is advisable to have group meetings, it can also pay to have one-on-one interactions as well. This is because some people may not feel confident enough to speak up in team meetings, meaning you will miss out on valuable insight. This is why it is wise to take the time to speak to the team one-on-one.
  • Focus carefully on whom you assign tasks to – One way to bridge the gap between procrastination and productivity is to assign tasks to the right people. If you create tasks and then assign them to whoever is available, this is a mistake. Also, if you have one big task and you simply give it to the group, this is another error. Instead, you need to create subtasks and then assign them to the most suitable person depending on their strengths.
  • Reduce continual interruptions – When deadlines are looming, there is nothing worth than being distracted. Your team members are bound to get off track if they are being bombarded with emails or ad hoc requirements all of the time. To stop this from occurring, all you need is a reliable schedule whereby you can set task priorities for your team to follow throughout their typical workday. Also, encourage team members to dedicate a short period of time throughout the day for checking their emails, rather than dealing with them as and when they come in.


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