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Top 5 Home Interior Design Ideas Trending in UK 2021

There is an undeniable appeal in a space that has been designed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. When you are deciding on your house and home interior design, each room needs to be perfectly adorned and bright. There is a certain art that goes into designing a space from scratch. The design should not just be colourful but also functional so that you can be assured of utmost comfort with class.

Although interior designing trends change every year, there are a few trends you can consider for your new home that will prove to be timeless. Let us take a look at some of them:

Unique Interior Design Ideas

For choosing the best design for home interior, you can consider any of the following ideas:

1. Japandi Style

Japandi Style is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styles to bring the best of both worlds in one place. Although the Japanadi style has been around for some time, its growing appeal has been realised only recently. This means you have the opportunity to make your home’s interior design stand out from the rest. You can design the interior of your house in Japandi Style to get the simplicity of Japan and minimalistic features of Scandinavia.

2. Dark Green Accents in Kitchens and Walls

Dark green accents in interior design are becoming increasingly popular among colour themes in the UK. Many people are painting their kitchen drawers and cabinets dark green to give a unique appeal to the space. Dark green shades are known to complement neutral and creamy tones, so it is a great idea to use the colour for walls too.

3. Rustic Style

There are some designs that stay evergreen and stylish, and Rustic Style is the perfect example of that. Neutral colours, along with grey and yellow, could set the rustic and earthy tones for your home’s interior. The Rustic Style can be paired with wooden furniture to give your interiors a calming and minimalist look. The resultant vintage look will make your home look aesthetic, retro and cohesive.

4. New Provencal

This new trend takes inspiration from the traditional design of the farmhouses of Provence in France. It introduces the classic combination of red, blue and crisp white accents in the interiors of a space.

5. Natural Materials

Including natural materials in interior design and renovation is the fastest growing trend of 2021. You can use materials like linens, wools, timbers and sisals to lend some warmth to the interiors. Besides, natural materials are known to age beautifully, so they will prove to be an evergreen addition to your interior space.


With these ideas and tips, you can get the interiors of your home designed tastefully. Opt for the best house designer for the job to be done properly, professionally and in a timely manner.

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