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Tips to Buy and Sell Your Property via a Realtor

The realtors talks in numbers and terms, confusing an already embarrassed newbie, offers to immediately sign something and pay. How should you behave and what should you ask the realtor first of all? To begin with, mentally divide all the questions according to the stages of the transaction, or even better – write them down on a piece of paper, placing them in stages. Then you will definitely not forget anything, get maximum information and don’t get confused. If you are trying to buy or sell a property, Dream Design Property can help you a lot as they are very customer-friendly and frank.

Tips to Hire the Right Realtor to Sell or Purchase a Property

First of all, you must find out what is the current state of the market in the segment where you are planning to make a deal.

So, you are interested in: whether the market is in a downward or upward trend; what is the average price per square meter for objects of the quality you are interested in and in the desired area; whether the market is on the side of the buyer or the seller (which is more: supply or demand and, accordingly, how convenient the situation is for you personally).

Keep in mind that now it is the seller’s time on the secondary real estate market . Supply far exceeds demand. Financial questions Next, you should be interested in the question of your financial solvency. You must clearly understand for yourself and indicate to the realtor how much money you are willing to spend on the transaction and what are the sources of your funding. Decide for yourself whether you need a loan – a mortgage or just for urgent needs. Ask a realtor to recommend a bank or mortgage broker with whom you can work in this matter. Many Kazan real estate agencies cooperate with large banks such as OJSC Sberbank, CJSC VTB24, OJSC AK BARS Bank, etc. An agency employee can tell you about mortgage programs offered by banks and assist in collecting the necessary package of documents.

If you need to sell another apartment in order to allocate funds for the purchase, be sure to inform the realtor about this, as this may affect the timing of the transaction. If you plan to do financially solely on your own, also inform the realtor about this – this will give you an advantage over other buyers of apartments.

Questions To The Realtor

The main question for the realtor is one: what he actually plans to do in your particular case, and how much it will cost. If you wish to read about shadow blade 5, please click this.

The commission of realtors is perhaps the most significant part of overhead costs. And in order to find out in detail what to pay money for, it is better to structure the question: whether the realtor works for himself or for the company; how his remuneration is formed; whether you have to sign a contract with him, and what responsibilities he assumes under this contract; how many options you can see under the contract; at what point you will have to pay for his services: before the transaction or after.

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