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7 Mega Tricks to Leverage Email Marketing for Your Business

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channels of digital marketing, especially in B2C strategies. This approach works because more and more customers have started buying goods and services online. If you, too, have dabbled with it and still wonder how it works, this guide is for you. Marketers who are especially new in this business might find it a little tricky initially, but it gets better as time passes by.

All you need is the right strategies and tools that help boost your sales and make your customers come back to you again. In the following guide, we have narrowed down the top 7 hacks that you can leverage to make the most out of your email marketing campaign.


Amazon is a stellar example of a company that has aced email marketing personalization. The main idea is to segment customers into different groups based on their demographics, activity, purchase history etc. and then send them targeted messages rather than sending a single one to the entire subscriber list. Personalization is among the most useful tricks for a successful marketing campaign yet is still criminally underused by companies.

If an email marketing agency oversees your business, they can assist you with creating multiple landing pages based on what a customer fills in the sign-up questionnaire. They can then sort these newly acquired subscribers into different segments in the subscribers’ list, based on their responses.

Welcome Emails

Customer experience forms the core of any business, which any marketer must focus on to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. Welcome emails come in handy when a new customer comes on board and makes them feel valued. They work because they help engage with customers that have your products or services fresh on their minds.

Also, customers generally expect to get some communication from companies as soon as they sign up. To convert these new customers onto repeat, you must invest in your relationship with them at the early stages. Sending a welcome email could make them feel appreciated.

Milestone Emails

Birthday emails are not exactly new, so much so that the customer almost expects them. They are an excellent tool to generate goodwill with your subscriber base and help promote loyalty and potential ROI. Make sure that you gather these details either when the customer signs up or in your welcome to use them later. Then, all you have to do is develop a relevant subject line and better email open rates with good engagement.

‘News Feed’ Like Newsletter

People these days rely on social media for accessing and skimming through instant information. You can fulfil the same purpose with an email newsletter to pick your best posts and collate them in the form of a newsletter. You can achieve this by selecting a template having an organized list layout with a clean aesthetic. Make sure that each article comes with a title, description and image for better readability.

The images must be of the same size and left-aligned, while the titles must be one-liners in a bold font. Try keeping the description very crisp yet informative. If you are using automation, you can even prepare the newsletters in advance and then schedule them to be sent out at a specific point in time to ensure regular delivery, which is pivotal for successful customer engagement.

Choice of Platform

Today, most admin and email hosting tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, Gmail, etc., have provisions for creating mass emailing distribution lists. Nevertheless, if you run a business that relies heavily on email marketing, this is not recommended. The reason behind this is that most recipients have anti-spam support installed in their email systems to filter out marketing communications and direct them straight to their trash folder. Therefore, it is better to go ahead with an online marketing automation service instead of using a double opt-in protocol. This way, your emails will only be delivered to subscribers that chose to receive them, appearing in their inbox instead of the spam folder.

Special Offers

A powerful email marketing strategy requires a perfect blend of relevance, timing, intuition and content. Instead of going for a full-blown email campaign, invest in email marketing to send special offers directly to your recipients’ inboxes.

You can even catalyze the sales cycle by provisioning them with a promo offer in the welcome email itself. To keep them hooked, you can also ensure them on a semi-regular basis as maybe a loyalty bonus through a discount coupon, for instance.

Customer Feedback

To improve one’s product or service, email marketers can target emails to know what is working and what isn’t. To gather this information, you can consider sending email prompts to customers for a survey that collects their valuable feedback. One of the finest ways to do this is by sending such emails immediately after a customer has purchased from your platform or has interacted with your customer support team.

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