Tips And Tricks On Using Top Recruitment Companies In London When Looking For Work

Tips And Tricks On Using Top Recruitment Companies In London When Looking For Work

In order to increase your job opportunities, it is an extremely good idea to enlist the services of a capital-based recruitment agency. Not only dosuch companies offer you vacancies that aren’t advertised elsewhere, they can also provide ongoing help and support throughout your job finding journey. They also have their ears to the ground in London, where salaries are amongst the highest in the UK!

But seeing as there will be countless candidates in exactly the same position as you, knowing a few insider tips and tricks on how to use a specialist London-based recruitment company can be invaluable.

Approach a few different agencies

Your CV can receive increased exposure if you approach multiple recruitment agencies in town. However, rather than sending the same email to scores of different companies, choose a select few according to your desired career and chosen location.

Some agencies will specialise in certain industries, while others may cover specific areas of the country such as B&K recruitment, one of the top recruitment companies in London.

Always respond to any communication promptly

If you fail to respond quickly to an agency’s telephone call or email, you may lose out on a potential position. What’s more, this might deter the agency from putting you forward for other opportunities too.

Another thing is that recruitment companies may be competing with rival agencies to get their candidates considered first, so time is usually of the essence.

Build a strong working relationship with your agency

Most recruitment companies will be juggling multiple positions with numerous candidates; so don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything for a while. Simply follow up every couple of weeks to see how the job hunt is going.

This demonstrates enthusiasm without being overly pushy and can help you build a strong working relationship with your agency. Once a suitable position becomes available, you can rest assured that your agency will be in touch.

Always maintain a professional attitude and outlook

Changing jobs or finding employment after education can be a rather stressful experience, but that doesn’t mean to say you can bestow this burdenon your recruiter. Every piece of communication should remain professional and positive if you want to secure the right role.

You should also be clear about what you are looking for in a job. A recruitment agency may never contact you again if you change your mind at the last minute and decide to stay put or look for something else.

Help each other

Despite the fact that most recruitment agencies won’t charge you for their services, the person tasked with finding you a job is probably working on commission.

Therefore, it is in both of your interests to help each other out and work towards a common goal. Think of your recruiter as a talent agent who is promoting and publicising your best assets and traits.

Keep in touch after finding employment

Even after you have landed a job, you should still keep in touch with your London based recruitment agency. They can provide expert assistance should you encounter any problems and will greatly appreciate your feedback for future reference.

For recruitment agencies that didn’t find you employment, there is no harm in keeping the relationship going too. After all, they may have bigger and better opportunities on offer further down the line.

B and K Recruitment are the agency to trust when it comes to finding the best job vacancies in and around London, the capital city of the UK, where just perhaps the streets really are paved with gold for jobseekers!

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