Top 7 Tips On How To Survive Your First Week As A Temp In London!

Top 7 Tips On How To Survive Your First Week As A Temp In London!

Regardless of whether you have just left university or are in the process of switching careers, temporary and agency work gives untold numbers of workers some much needed money and experience!

What’s more, this type of employment brings about several additional benefits too. There are usually lots of temp jobs available, especially in London. You can get a flavour of what different industries are all about, and make various valuable contacts in the process along the way too.

However, temporary and agency work throws up its own unique challenges too. With this in mind, B&K Recruitment has put together the following7 tips on how to survive your first week as a temp in your new London based job role.

  1. Understand what is expected of you before accepting

Before you accept any temp assignment you should ask for as much information as possible about the role and fully understand what is expected of you. This can include daily responsibilities, appropriate work wear, where the business is located in the capital city of London, the days and times you need to be there, and the length of the contract.

  1. Be prepared for every eventuality

Although your recruitment agency will do its best to explain what the job entails, you never know what might actually happen. Therefore, it makes sense to be prepared for every eventuality that may present itself to you. This means bringing a pen and notepad to take notes, making sure you can get home just in case overtime is required, and even packing a lunch and other daily necessities.

  1. Arrive early each and every day

Punctuality is extremely important with most jobs, but temporary workers should make an extra effort in getting to their assignment on time. In fact, if you arrive early, there is a strong chance you will be asked back again, while your temporary employer is bound to pass on positive feedback to your recruitment agency.

  1. Adhere to the dress code but also be comfortable

First impressions count when you turn up on your first day, as this will show your new boss that you are ready and willing to work hard. But in addition to adhering to the company’s dress code, you must also feel comfortable with what you are wearing. After all, a tight fitting pair of shoes could get extremely painful sooner rather than later.

  1. Get to know the working environment

In the days leading up to your temp job, take the time to check out the organisation’s website to see what your new employer stands for. Then when you arrive, ask about the company culture and observe the behaviour of fellow employees. All of this will help in getting to know the working environment and could assist with securing full-time employment.

  1. Communicate with your co-workers

It is natural to feel a bit shy during your first week, but you should try to communicate with your co-workers in order to make the most of the experience. Remember to smile, make eye contact, be courteous, and participate in activities when invited.

  1. Follow up with your recruitment agency

Following your temp job, make sure you call or get in contact with your recruitment agency to find out how well you did. Both constructive criticism and positive feedback can help you improve for future assignments.

If you are looking for temp jobs in London, then be sure to get in touch with B&K Recruitment to find out the job opportunities that are available right across the capital.

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